Thursday, May 10, 2007

Joey's Pictures Awards

Joey with Sgt. Smith his JROTC teacher. He has been a GREAT inspiration for Joey and has guided him through the right doors. Teacher's like him make the difference. GO HORNETS! He told me that Joey was currently the best player on the Wrestling Team and that he cant wait for next season to begin.
Joey and Mommy! I love them so much!

He is getting so tall. I was wearing 4 inch heals and I am 5'6" and he still is taller than me! My boys is growing into a fine young man. He will be 15 this summer. I wish I could carry him in my arms again like when he was a baby. I love him so much and we have been through a lot, however we have always prevailed. God has been good to us.

Here is Joey showing off his award! He was so proud of himself.


Yoly said...

God Bless Joey, I'm sure he'll have a great future.

By the way, I like the new look of your blog.

Noemi said...


Thanks for your well wishes. He want's to study Criminal science to be a CSI investigator.

I think I need to save more money for college! LOL I can't wait to send my first check for his University!