Thursday, February 26, 2015

It's been a while...

Can't believe my last post here was in 2009!  I had been debating on getting back on here for a while, I guess with Facebook I like many others have strayed from the blogging world....  My sister this weekend mentioned to me that she would love coming here to read up on the musings in my head so here I am!

With all the things going around in my life I felt I needed an outlet to write down all my thoughts....  So much has happened in these past six years...  My lil boys are no longer little :( Can't believe how time flies by in blink of a second!

My baby Mikey is a pre-teen! How in the heck did that happen!!!!  He is crazy smart and does good in school his interest are currently "Clash of clans" reading and anime movies... 

Lil Luis is NOT so little anymore!   He is towering almost as tall as his Daddy! Standing at 6'1" and we call him our basketball head! We have spent hundreds of hours in basketball courts for his games!  He is my lil clown!  I love the relationship we have!  He is his FATHER'S CHILD but I see so much of me in him....

Last is my Joey....  Where do I begin?  He has made this Momma so PROUD but at the same time SCARED....  He graduated from HS with High Honors and went straight to Boot Camp...  This was a decision he took very seriously...  He enlisted in the National Guard and had one local deployment in which he was stationed in VA for about a year.  When he came back he tried going to college but he it was just not his thing...  He finally got in the Police Academy and just recently graduated...  He is a couple of weeks shy of deploying overseas.  My heart is broken, I am scared, terrified almost paralyzed with fear.  I know this is what he chose and as a Momma I will support him ALL the way but my feelings are my feelings.  This world is on FIRE and scares the shit out of me...

Wish I had a rewind button....  but I know life goes on and stops for no one...  I enjoy seeing my kids grow and venture out into this world...  Parenting is hard but oh so fulfilling!  Not sure if anyone reads this blog anymore but if you do stay tuned as I am back into the blogging world!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

On this eve of Mother's Day I am in a very reflecting mode.

I must say that being a mom has been yet the most difficult and yet most fulfilling job I have ever had.

When I became a mom I was 18 going on 19 to the most precious little boy I had ever set my eyes on. He wasn't little by any means as he weighed 11lbs 8 oz. He was the biggest baby at the nursery. I called him my sunshine as his hair was so blond you could barely see his eyelashes.

I remember sitting in the hospitals nursery trying to breast feed him and getting the look of pity that all the grown adult new moms gave me. They did not have to say one word to me. I knew what they where thinking. I knew that they where saying to themselves that I was just a kid having a kid. They talked among themselves and asked questions about their newborn babies and not one said a word to me. Oh those memories are very vivid in me. I remember promising Joey that I would do everything in my power to be the BEST mom in the world to him.

As time passed and I became one of the society's statistic of a recently divorced "Woman" at the mere age of 19 with a kid I made it a mission to not fall into the percentage of people to live off the government.

I was lucky to have the support of my parents as they took me in, they wanted me to get back on my feet. I worked during the day at that time making $3.25 ph as a receptionist and put myself through college at night. It was a sacrifice I had to make to achieve my goal. While my college friends where going out drinking and partying I was at home doing homework while attending my child. Joey grew so attached to my parents and the truth was that even though I was his mom they where the ones he was seeing as "Mama" and "Papa" as he called them, they where the ones that spent more hours with them.

It finally came a time that I was able to branch on my own. I found an apartment that I was able to pay and I made the announcement to my parents that I was going to move out. They took it hard. My Dad even suggested that I just pick Joey up during the weekends and let him sleep with them to during the week to make it easy on me. I could not do it! I told them that he was MY child and that I needed to create our little family on my own. They understood and they helped me move out.

The first night we slept in our apartment Joey would just stand at the door and cry for his "Mama" and "Papa" and it broke my heart! I cried that night with him in my arm until he fell asleep. He was barely a year and a half old. Even though he called me "Mommy" I was not his "Mama" or "Papa".

My mom still took care of him during the day and as soon as I was out of work I went to pick him up. His cries became less and less in the afternoons when it was time for us to leave. My mom still helped me and she made sure that we both would eat before leaving to our home.

While my co-workers where going to happy hour I was driving to pick up my boy, my life. While they were drinking their Miller's Lite the "in" drink at the time, I was happily playing with my boy in a fast foods restaurant playground.

I beat the statistics! I made it on my own with my little boy...

or so I thought....

to be continued....

Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm back! Kind of...

Wow where do I begin? It was never my intention of being away from this blog for so long...

Well I can finally say that the mini home improvement we set our goals on has been completed! Wow lets just say I never want to deal the dust and this kind of mess again! We have been exhausted, however our house is finally looking decent!

The tiles are set, the new base boards painted and while I was at it I decided to make a clean sweep and tackled all the closets in the house. Needless to say I will be doing a garage sale soon! Holy crap! I have no idea how I have accumulated so much stuff in the 5 years we have lived in this house!

The boys have outgrown so many clothes! And Joey's choice of clothing has changed and now he will not wear any of what I would call his hip hop clothes anymore... He is totally into what I call kind of suffer, preppy dude!

And talking about Joey. I have been thinking about his future so much. To know that he will be entering his senior year in a couple of months fills me with pride and at the same times makes my heart ache to know that soon he will go his way as a young man. I have been trying to write a post just about him and the emotions I felt the day his class ring arrived at my house, however I am just so overcome by emotion that the tear rolling down my face don't help. I hope to finish it soon and post it.

Sometimes I don't post here because I feel that things that I want to write about are not blog worthy, So I have made a decision to start using this blog as a scrap book of memories an photos of my family, I really don't have many readers anyway.

For those who still read hopefully I won't bore you to death~ LOL

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Isn't She Lovely!!!!!

After following her blog for a little over 2 years she has finally received the referral of her precious daughter!

This precious little girl will be loved from here to the moon! I can not wait to see her in her Mama's arms!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hello? Hello?

Is there anyone still out there reading this blog?

I am so sorry for the lack of updates to the blog. I must admit that I am having a little affair with facebook! And I keep on forgetting to come over here! LOL

The boys are on their Spring Break and life has been busy to sat the least. My house is in shambles! Still no floor layed down, and anybody who knows me, knows that is driving me crazy!!!! Dad will be here on the18th and we should get it all done that weekend. If that was not enough I decided to paint the whole house and update all the decorations.

Some bloggy friends as well as bloggers that I follow have gotten or will get their referrals soon!!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR THEM! You all know who you are!!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I know I have been lost from the bloggy world for a while. I am kind of in a funk, not that I don't have lots to say, but I have been very busy.

Have you ever felt that you need a vacation from your vacation? I have been exhausted lately, and the time change has not been helping me at all!

I have been very busy at work, and it has been a little overwhelming! I have one employee out on maternity leave, and I have had a couple others who have been out sick, leaving my plate rather full with things that need be done.

Little Luis and Joey had FCATS last week and they where very stressed to say the least. Can someone tell me why they inflict so much pressure and scare the shit out of 3rd graders about this test! I mean for crying out loud he is 8 and does not need to feel so much of a burden on him! Little Luis had 2 nights in which he had nightmares this past week. I literally had to lay with him in bed all night to give him reassurance that all would be OK. I am sure he will past this test, he is currently reading on a 5th grade level and is in the schools enrichment program.

Joey got his SAT scores and he passed with a 24! Can you imagine how PROUD I am of my firstborn? I am ECSTATIC! Needless to say he with that score and his GPA he will have no problem in getting into the College he wants.

My house looks like a war zone! Luis just ripped the floors out and we will be installing Travertine tiles soon. Two years ago I made the mistake of installing laminate floors, well lest just say that boys + dog = bad looking floors! My dad will be coming up from Miami to install the tiles.

Yesterday we booked our next vacation. We will be going on a Cruise to the Western Caribbean! We got it dirt cheap for all 5 of us. It is looking like it will be a big family reunion, because my mom and dad as well as my sister with her kids and two cousins with their families will be going as well! This should be fun!

Monday, March 2, 2009

We had a great time! I took over 1,500 pictures and tons of hours on video. This is one vacation that my boys will forever remember!

We made it to TN on Saturday morning and needless to say we were beat! We checked in and just relaxed and ordered some pizza.

Little Luis kept asking me if it would snow. I was so afraid that it would not and I explained to him that it was not in our control, but that the weather forecast said it would snow. Imagine to my surprise when I woke up and saw a beautiful white wonderland! I woke the boys up by 6:00 am and we were out playing in the snow by 6:30 am! It was so funny! We had a good 2 to3 inches of snow. Now I know you Northerner's must be laughing at how little snow, but heck that is a lot for some kids born in the tropics and then living in FL! LOL

We headed up to the mountains to go skiing and let me just say that I am becoming a wimp! I was literally hyper-ventilating while Hubby was driving up the mountains! And it did not help that a good chunk of the road was under construction and they merely had some orange cones to keep you from falling hundreds of feet down the mountain!

It was cold as heck! We did some snowboarding and the boys really liked it. When it came time to go either snowboarding or skiing the little boys opted not to do it. It was a sigh of relief for me as I was not too keen on going down a snowy slope! I think hubby had the same train of thought because Joey was the only one heading up the slopes and the rest of us decided to stay in lower grounds!

While Joey is heading toward the slopes I almost died when I saw my child go on the wrong side of the slopes that were clearly labeled in huge RED letters "Advanced Skiers Only". Needless to say he made it out fine and had the time of his life!

It brings so much joy to see the smiles in my kids face!

We also went to the Biltmore Mansion in NC and I was a little bummed out to learn we could not video tape of take any pictures of the inside. (Hubby, did manage to film a little shhhh don't tell anyone LOL)

We then headed to Chattanooga, TN and did the Aquarium, Rock City and Ruby Falls.

I was able to make a quick stop in Atlanta GA and met up with Pug Mama & Big Daddy, Lisa and adorable Miss Briana and met the so nice Liene! We had a nice dinner at chatted up some. I wish It could have been a little longer. It was so nice to meet all you ladies after so much time of reading their blogs. Miss Briana is just a ham! When we left the boys all agreed she was the cutest thing ever! LOL

So back to reality vacation is over and I was back to work today, needless to say a little bit of a caos but all under control.

Below are some of the pictures I took. Enjoy!