Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend Recap

Never, ever leave holiday shopping for the last minute! I went on Friday after work and it was not that the stores were busy. It was that I had no idea of what to buy.

I only had two gifts to buy and it was two of the most important woman in my life. My Mom and my big sister Janet. WOW let me tell you it was extremely overwhelming.

Mom is always the hardest one. What do you give a woman who has such importance in your life and already has it all? I mean literally has it all! I ended up buying her some shoes and a purse.

Well Janet is another story. If I could buy her the world I would. She has been through a lot and I really wanted to buy her some kind of charm that would remind her how much she meant to me. She is my big sister and MY BEST FRIEND! But Mom had told me that my nephews had bought her a charm for her necklace that said "#1 Mom" So that was out of the question. Tony worked hard at cutting the grass for neighbors to gather this money for his Mom. I ended up buying her some cute short pants and a nice shirt that matched. I got the same set only a different color for me!

Saturday Janet, the boys and Jasmin met up with my boys and me and we went to an early Mother's Day Service at Church.

Maria one of the boy’s friend was to sing "Ave Maria" at the service. Well let me tell you that she may be just a small little girl. But boy oh boy she has a voice of an Angel. I could not resist as my eyes filled with tears. I had an overwhelming experience at service that day.

I prayed so hard so my Mom could overcome all the Drama she has been going through. If I could only ease her pain! At service I just felt overjoyed with delight. I have learned to appreciate her more NOW that I am a Mom to my precious boys.

Well Sunday came and my boys woke me up at 8:30 am (I really wanted to sleep to 9:00am oh well). Mickey’s face was worth a million. This is the first year that he really understands that is was Mommies day.

They all gave me their cards and I could not hold back the tears as I read each one of them. Little Luis was the first time that he did not just sign the card and he was able to write his own message:

"I love you Mom, you are a angel to me. You are a beautiful Mom and I will do ever thing to make you happy. I love you"

Now how adorable is that! And Mickey did his scrambling of his name on the other side of the post card. Joey got a post card that fit our relationship perfectly and it made me cry. I even got a post card from "Peanut Butter" (I don't think I have mentioned her before, she is a Shih Tzu and I will dedicate a post to her soon and how she became part of our family)

The boys got me clothes that they picked out! Let me tell you that they did pretty good.

We then went for lunch at my Mom's house and had a great day. We just sat around the kids played, and we saw movies and just relaxed. I would do that every year for Mother's Day if I could it was just so relaxing! Here are some pictures of how the weekend went by.

Me and Janet
Me, Mom, Janet

Joey, Mickey and Me
(I just love the expresion on his face in this picture)

Opening Peanut Butter's Post card!
Maria practicing "Ave Maria"


Steffie B. said...

It looks like a perfect day! Glad you enjoyed it with your boys! ;)

Mary Poppins said...

Looks like you had a beautiful, well deserved day!!!

I love the new look!!!!