Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bunch of Ramblings on things done

Wow it has been a week since my last post. I know I am slacking on posting and commenting but I have kept up on reading my favorite blogs.

Last Sunday we had a small belated birthday party for Mickey with the family and close friends. The theme was Spider Man 3 and he just loved it.

We took out the Water Slide and we brought Mickey a Slip n Slide and the kids had a real good time. Just when I was rounding up the kids to eat pizza and cut the cake it started to rain. But all was well and good cause my boy had fun!

My sis Janet took the kids on Sunday night and told me she would stay with them till Tuesday. She said that way I could rest for 2 nights and she did not mind taking them with her. I really appreciated it as I do not have rest from the boys often. With Luis not getting home till 8:30pm and me getting up for work at 4:30am it get very tiring.

I forgot to mention that Joey left to Puerto Rico last Wednesday as was not here for his little brothers birthday. I was kind of sad about that. Joey and Mickey share a really special bond. To the point that the majority of the times when we get up and go check on the boys Mickey is all snuggled up in Joeys bed.

I am so glad that the 11 year age difference that they share has not gotten in the way that they have bonded.

I really miss Joey and only can hope that he has a good time with his Dad and that side of the family.

Sometimes I feel really guilty with the fact that he did not have his Dad (biological) to grow up next to. But can only hope that he has a special bond with him and that he spends as much time possible with him. He is growing up so fast! Is it selfish for me to say that I wish he never grew up? I just want to protect him so much that sometimes I question myself if I am not too strict with him. He will be gone until July 27th, and he won’t spend his 15th birthday with us here.


I am writing a special post him. I Love him so much.

Yesterday Mickey got his 4 year old shots. Ouch! My poor boy got 4 shots and to top it off the doctor had some blood work done on him too… He was not a happy camper when his daddy put him to call me….

So we took him to Seaworld (again)! This time my sister and the boys with my mom tagged along too.

He was happy and he was able to see the Shamu Rocks show at night! It was really good! I just love seeing his face light up when he is having fun!

Needless to say I am sooo tired today! We did not get home till 10:30pm and I did not get to bed till 12:00 midnight and I woke up for work at 4:30am!


(Note to self! NEVER EVER DO THAT AGAIN!!!! Too tired!)


Melissa said...

My daughter went to PR with her birth father 3 years ago, and I was a nervous wreck!
It never gets easy when you are a mom, we will always worry.
Hope Joey has a great time.
sweet how close the boys are.

Melissa said...

did I mention that that was the last time my daughter saw her piece of shit father????
(and he lives in NY - NO excuses!!!)

redmaryjanes said...

Just look at your beautiful family. Thank you for your supportive comment today. It sounds like you and I are similar in our feelings about motherhood. I am in telecommunications also, I am a Technical Sales Engineer-cool title, but really I just sell the data product line.
Have a wonderful evening and please drop in anytime!

Steffie B. said...

I'm tired after reading all that! lol Have a super weekend.....i hate taking the kids in for shots too. 4 is a super tough age! Sounds like Mommy took good care of him though! ;)

Yoly said...

I hope Joey has a gret time here in PR....