Monday, June 4, 2007

Recap of our NY Vacation

So much to talk about and so little time! We are back from our Family Road Trip to NY. And let me tell you we had a blast. I completely feel that I can drive anywhere in the world if I survived driving in NY!

I can tell you this much, I will never be able to go and contest on Amazing Race with my dear sis. No way, now how! It was stressful when asking her what was my exit and she would tell me we just past it! Love ya sis but we both know that it was really crazy and funny at the same time.

Let’s just say that I got lost and ended up in Malcom X Blvd in Harlem. I had to call my cousin (Taxi Cab Driver) to come and get me!

The drive itself was not bad at all. We headed out at 3:00 pm and got to NY by 10:00am the next day. This is with all the potty stops and gas was not bad at all. As soon as we got there we headed out to our old neighborhood.

I got lost and called my Dad down in Ft. Lauderdale and he was able to point me in the right direction.

For some reason neither did Janet or myself remembered the Bronx on being so hilly. It was nice to be back but to tell you the truth I am glad my Mom got us out of there when she did.

We did the usual site seeing. I ran to some NY cops to have me and sis piccies taken. It was so funny, but I guess that they are used to it!

We really surprised my sister Jackie and the boys were able to see their cousins.

I will have a post of pictures soon! Blogger is not cooperating.

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