Friday, September 7, 2007

Teeth, Weight & Glasses!

Well where do I start?

Little Luis got a stiff neck from all the bouncing he did at his cousins birthday party. We sent him to school on Tuesday thinking that he was better, but the teacher sent us a note that he was uncomfortable all day.

Big Luis was going to take Joey to his Orthodontist appointment for the adjustment of his braces and then had an appointment at the pediatrician for a physical that he needs to participate in all the sports events from school. So he just took little Luis with him and asked me to call the pediatrician while he was at the Orthodontist to see if they could squeeze Little Luis in for his neck.

While at the orthodontist the Dr. saw that little Luis has a mess in his mouth (Teeth wise). Big Luis explained to him that we have taken him to his dentist twice and that the Dr. has informed us that “nature will take it’s course” The orthodontist was upset! You see one of Little Luis front teeth has not fallen out, however the permanent teeth that is supposed to be there already came out and is about ½ inch towards the back. The baby tooth is loose but not loose enough to pull. He also has another tooth that has not fallen out and the other one is popping out really high in his gum. He also has a baby tooth in the bottom front that is kind of loose but he does not a permanent tooth to replace the baby toot. As full as his calendar is asked Luis to take Little Luis back next Wednesday to evaluate him and start prepping his mouth for inevitable braces that he will have!

On top of that when at the Pediatrician the Dr. Decided to give Little Luis a complete medical exam. Well I always new that Luis had come a little on the heavy side from his PR vacation. Well my child has put on 25 lbs in 6 months. The doctor even had the nurse re-weigh him just to make sure. He is completely off the charts for weight and height.

We have made adjustments on what he is eating and hope that when we get him into Soccer it will help him loose some weight. I know I really need to watch his weight. His family from his fathers side are not small. I also know that I can not expect all my kids to be skinny. The fact is that he does have his Daddy’s body type and he has always been big since a baby. I know for a fact that he will be well over 6’ tall as his Dad is 6’4” and I am 5’7”.

Ohh before I forget Mickey has his new bendable, flexible, titanium glasses! He really does like them! Will post pictures this weekend.


Steffie B. said...

It's always something isn't it? The joys of parenting.....good luck! ;)

redmaryjanes said...

I tell you, it's tough sometimes being a big family. We're about to have our 3rd child in braces. We all do the best we can.
Hang in there Noemi.

Steffie B. said...

Hope you have a good week!