Monday, December 24, 2007

Last Week Recap a la Bullet!

  • Joey left to spend Christmas at his Dad’s house in PR.
  • We had our annual awards ceremony at the office. I got the “Above & Beyond” award! I totally did not expect it. It was nice that the bosses appreciate all the hard work I put into the company. I really enjoy my job!
  • With the “Above & Beyond” award I got two center stage tickets in the second row to the Magic’s game on March 04, 2008
  • Because of the above tickets I won, it is one less thing to buy hubby.
  • I donated blood.
  • This year we will have our traditional Christmas Eve dinner at my house.
    Joey will be the only grandson missing this Christmas as my three nieces that don’t live in the Sunshine state are here visiting us. (That makes be kind of sad)
  • Thursday I woke up with some discomfort on my lower right abdominal side.
  • Friday the pain got worst. But since it was my Mom’s Birthday I did not want to go to the hospital.
  • Saturday Morning woke up with the same pain.
  • Even though I was in bad pain I though it was a good idea to go and get Peanut Butter groomed and get the boys a hair cut!
  • What the heck was I thinking when I did the above. I drove to my Mom’s house in much pain and she took me to the hospital.
  • Had 5 vials of blood taken out while enduring the excruciating pain because the nurse said she could not find my vein and that they kept on running away.
  • Have the same nurse come back after 10 minutes to say that something went wrong with the blood on its way to the lab and she needed to get 5 more vials of blood!
  • Drink the most nasty “apple juice” to have a CT scan done.
  • Vomit my brains out!
  • Drink more “apple Juice”
  • Have some iodine injected to have the CT scan and have the sensation I was urinating on myself!
  • Get more drugs for my pain
  • Have the doctor come in and tell me he has no clue as what was causing my pain. All labs came back clean as well as the CT.
  • Get discharged undiagnosed.
  • Vomit on my way home!
  • Take a bath and just sleep.
  • Appreciate My Mom for taking care of her baby, while hubby was at work.
  • Pick up Peanut the next morning at the groomers. She was upset and I new she was mad at me for leaving her the night in a place she was not familiar with. When I got home I gave her a treat and she decided she liked me again :0)
  • Sunday go shopping to make our Christmas Eve dinner at home

The pain is almost gone. I need to go see and internal medicine doctor and have myself carefully checked. I really need to look after myself more. Like my mom said if it was one of my boys I would have dashed to the hospital in a minute, but since it was me I just guessed that it could wait.

The doctor thinks that I might have been passing a stone and because I took three days to go to the hospital there was no evidence.


Mary Poppins said...

we always think of our kids first and we never go check ourselves until we are dying. It's the Mom Syndrome. Glad you got the WII, I hear they don't even have them here in Puerto Rico. Thank God I'm not at that stage of gifts just yet.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday! God Bless!! said...

Oh Naomi, I do hope it's nothing serious. It's odd that they couldn't find anything after feeling so poorly for so many days. Hugs to you. Merry Christmas.

Love Rony

redmaryjanes said...

Have a wonderful Christmas Noemi. I am sorry that your son won't be with you. That must be so hard. But I know that you are going to have a beautiful day tomorrow.
I have heard that passing stones is terribly painful. I'm glad that the pain stopped.

Steffie B. said...

Have a wonderful Christmas girl....I hope you are on the mend and it isn't anything serious!

Love and hugs....

Yoly said...

Yeap, very true our kids are always in first place. Wow, I also need to have a check up I have not visited a doctor in ages.

Hope yo get better soon.

Colleen said...

OMG - that is some stuff you went thru! It does sound like it could have been a stone///I haven't had any but my hubs has had 3. NOT FUN!

Hope you are feeling better and had a great holiday.

E. said...

Wow! I can't believe I'm reading this. I went through the SAME THING during the SAME TIME (all the way down to visiting ICE in Orlando!) The vomit, the horrific pain, the terrible tasting "apple juice", the pee-pee feeling during the CT scan, and being sent home from the ER with a "good luck, I hope you find out what's wrong with you."
I found your blog from Rony's (love her!). I hope you're feeling better soon!