Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mission Accomplished!

I did not have to camp out of any mayor department store to get my kids what they wanted… Hubby got a call from one of his employees at 5:00 pm that they just got a Wii shipment at this store. So he went into super hero mode and drove like a mad man across town. Low an behold he called me at 6:30 pm on Saturday and told me it was in his hands! I was so happy!

This is the first year that the boys actually have asked for something specific. Previous years they just asked for toys or for shoes. So it was real important for us to get them what they wanted. I did not mind spending the $250 + tax for this cause I see it as a family gift that we will all use.

We still got up early to go and get some other gifts that we needed. We got an awesome deal on the games for the Wii. They had a special BOGO ½ OFF! So we where able to get Mickey the Bee movie game and Little Luis got the new game of Tony Hawk. We will also be getting them the Super Mario Galaxy that the Mario an Sonic Olympic games.

I have most of my shopping complete and what is left should be done this weekend.

Tomorrow me and Little Luis have a date night!
He is so excited! We will have a date night on a school night… Why you ask? Because he won a ticket to go see this for being in the School Honor Roll. We will be going with his best friend Vanessa and her mom. We will be ice skating also! Can’t wait!

Will post pictures on Thursday so make sure you come back to see my boys face beam with joy!


redmaryjanes said...

I am so glad to hear that you found the wii!! And games half off is fantastic. Enjoy your special date night.

Special K said...

My mom bought a Wii recently. The whole family played on Thanksgiving. It was fun. I like the bowling game but I suck at golf. LOL! Your boys will love it.

Yoly said...

Yeeeeeeeee, I'm gald you could get the Wii. I got J Mario and Sonic, and Mario Galaxy also Mario Party 8. I guess your boy and J will almost have the same presents, jajaja

Kimber said...

You are lucky! We did not camp out but we did have to go several times and finally got one. My boys will be so surprised. Santa told them it was probably not gonna happen.