Thursday, January 31, 2008

I NEED my Chaotic life back!

While reading this post some might say I have lost my mind! Hubby has been home for three days and I am already going INSANE!

You see I am used to having him come home around 8 to 8:30-ish…. I am used to having to do EVERYTHING at home. I am used to the CAOS that this brings also.

I usually leave the office (Orlando) around 3:30pm and run to go and get Mickey at daycare and then haul some major a$$ to Haines City to pick Joey up from Wrestling practice and then back home to Kissimmee. I finally get home around 5:00 to 5:30-ish.

I start the meal prep and homework with little Luis. Dinner is usually on the table by 6:30 and then they are off to take a shower and I finally get my down time around 7:30. Boys are in PJ’s watching TV and I am off to take a shower.

Since hubby has been home, I have nothing to do nothing, zilch, nada, nada, nada…… He has cleaned, cooked, done homework, taken little Luis a bath by 5:00 pm when I get home. He has done the lawn, cleaned the garage, sweeps and mops every day.

Yesterday when I went to put the dirty clothes in the laundry basket it was empty! I asked him and he said he had done the laundry. So I tell him to get me the baskets of the clothes to fold from the laundry room. His words where “Oh Baby I already folded them and put them away”!!!!!!


I just feel useless. My sister tells me to just relax. But.I.Can.Not.Relax. The other night I was in PJ’s reading World Without End for a while when I looked at the clock it was only 6:37pm people!

Oh and the other thing…. The boys are so well behaved. I mean like I don’t recognize them. No fighting on who sits on what chair, no nagging from little Luis and Mickey that they want this or that. NADA!

I think I need to tell him that he needs to take this time and RELAX and just lay back and rest! At least for one day….

I have truly come to accept that I AM a control freak! On the other hand I know that when finds work and I am left at home to do all of the above (well except the lawn and garage) I will complain!

Woman who understands them! LOL


amy said...

What a problem to have! Our family lives in the UCF area!

You have a lovely family

Special K said...

Sorry...can't be supportive here. LOL! If I had a man doing the cooking, cleaning, AND laundry I'd be ecstatic. In fact, if I could find that kind of guy it MIGHT convince me to get married again.

Just enjoy it chica. Take a break yourself!

Yoly said...

You Relax!! take it like a vacation. He'll get a job soon and you'll have to do all the chores again.


Mary Poppins said...

I can pass you some of my housework if ya'd like...I mean if it'll make you truly happy and more sane, I could share..I could do the

Headmeister said...

Holy crapoli, chica!!! CHILL OUT!!!! ENJOY IT!!!! Girl, it doesn't last forever! LOL!!!!!!

redmaryjanes said...

Enjoy this time. He is doing what he can to contribute to the day to day life of his family right now. Let him do that. How wonderful that he is helping out.
Really, it's a dream come true.

Steffie B. said...

I totally agree with Kimberley, but I am cracking up at the post! *snort*

Kimber said...

Wow---Iam speechless...what a guy!

Anonymous said...

I know im reading this post late...but all I can do is to quote unquote the song from U-2..: "with or withouth you...we cant live..with or withouth you"