Thursday, February 28, 2008

I interrupt this blogging break for some major news!

Well at least to this beaming Momma it is!

A couple of weeks ago Little Luis’s teacher sent us a note that she would like to talk to us. To tell you the truth I really thought that he was being too talkative in school or that he was being teased by other kids in school and he was crying about it. It never crossed my mind that the teacher would bring up his academics in the meeting as he is an “A” student.

I have been having hectic days at work and asked Hubby if he would be able to go without me and he was ok with it.

He met with the teacher and she explained to him that she wanted to refer little Luis to be tested to determine if he was a gifted child. She says that he was showing many traits of gifted children and that we should have him tested in order for them to prepare a curriculum for him as he gets easily bored in class and he is usually the first one to finish a test or a task in his classroom amongst other things. She says that it is hard for her to keep him busy as he is always wanting more information on any given subject and he always has the “why” and “how” questions.

We had him tested and the results have come in that he indeed is a gifted child. To say that we are awestruck is an understatement. The school has prepared a curriculum for him and he is loving it.

We asked him how he felt with the new things that he was learning and he said it was awesome. He told us that he does not get bored anymore in class and he is excited that he is learning about Egypt with his special teacher. He is taken away three times a week for 2 hours with the Gifted Child teacher and he get additional material for when he is finished doing his normal school tasks.

We were also informed that he was reading at a 4th grade level. I was overwhelmed with this as he is only in 2nd grade… I am so glad that he enjoys reading as much as I do!

I don’t want this to sound that I am bragging about my child, and I may be biased but hey who could blame me. Most of all I am glad that the teacher recognized this and that he is given the opportunity to participate in this program.

Before I used to ask him how was school and he would always say “The same Mommy, it is always boring” Now I ask him how school went and he is so anxious to tell the new things that he has learned with his special teacher and how he is learning to do division in math etc….


Kimber said...

Good for Luis! That is great his teacher recognized it. My boys fall into this category too and Harry was so bored until they started taking him out to work with the enrichment coordinator. You do not sound like you are bragging at all! You sound like you are proud of him and you should be:)


Yoly said...

Wow!!! That is so cool. It is great that the teacher recongnized that he is a gifted child and that the curriculum is ajusted to his needs.

I recommend that you join some organization or group because he is small now but latter on you'll have to keep up with the challenge.

Go to:


Rony said...

You are supposed to brag about
your child! Especially when they
excell. Be proud momma..... I'm hoping mine make it out of kindergarden.

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