Tuesday, April 22, 2008

  • On Thursday Hubby picked the kids up from school. This way I was free to go and get a hair cut! Let’s just say that I went a lil bit overboard with how short I wanted it.
  • I have not had my hair this short in a while
  • I have finally gotten used to the new do! You like?
  • Friday night I attended a dinner event hosted by the President of the Company in Isle Worth Country Club
  • OMigosh! I have never seen houses this big in my entire life! Not even the ones on the Rich & Famous Magazines!
  • I was given a nice plaque for in Recognition of my hard work and dedication.
  • I was truly honored with the above mentioned plaque
  • My Daddy came up from Miami and worked with Joey on his new headboard
  • After much sweat and measurements the headboard came out great! (see the above pics)
  • Room Makeover is almost complete.
  • When I finish his room he wants me to post pictures on my blog! LOL
  • I think I have a little photographer in our family! Mickey just loves to take my camera and take pics. He got a real cool one in the slide above. He took a picture of his Daddy’s work truck bumper and he caught his reflection! He was in his Jammies…
  • Joey was Inducted into the Haines City High School National Honor Society on Monday.
  • I could not be more prouder of him
  • I have been having so many thoughts and fears of letting him go and spreading his wings… Like RMJ said It hard to know that he needs me less than what I need him.
  • Taking the kids (Joey) to see one of there Puerto Rican Reggaton singers Rakim & Ken Y at Sea World.
  • Will Be back with a couple of 3 word posts this Sunday!


amy said...

Where in Orlando do you live? My email is amyschristopher@comcast.net and we are leaving tomorrow.!

My hubby and your kids have something in common. He loves WWE as well!@

Yoly said...

Congrat!! for all the nice things that are happenig in your life. Your hair looks great.


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Oh I am loving the new do... very chic...

Pug Mama said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new do - you look GREAt!!!!
you must be so proud of your son!!!

Steffie B. said...

Loved this post and I must say that when I saw that first picture come up of you in the slide show...the first thought that came to my mind was....STUNNING! SHE IS GORGEOUS!

Have a great Monday!

redmaryjanes said...

Your hair looks fantastic and it's a great cut for this summer. Very nice!!
Wow, the headboard is really cool. And it is great to hear about your boys and how they doing so well. National Honor Society is a big achievement.
And yes, you and I will have to comfort each other as our boys grow up into fine young men.

Mary Poppins said...

I love your hair..and the headboard came out great!! I need your martha stewart guidance...!!!

Do you guys live in Haines City? I saw you mention it...my ex in laws live in Haines City

Special K said...

Love the new do!

Congrats on your award and your son's Honor Society. You must be a proud mama.