Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Vacation is over and I am back at work! The boys had a blast! And even though hubby was going to be in Georgia on a work trip for two weeks he was able to come home on Friday’s and leave on Monday.

I took the boys bowling, Shopping, Busch Gardens and to the new Sea World water park Acuatica twice!
While the two little ones where in Disney with their grandmother, me and Joey went on a dinner date! LOL

It was real nice to sit down and talk to him without any interruptions from the smaller boys… WOW let me just say that I can see blossoming into a young man. He talked with such certainty on how he sees his future as an Anesthesiologist. I am just in AWE. I was very sincere with him on my feelings of him growing up and why sometimes I am so strict with him, I was also able to realize that I am so afraid to let him grow up. He will always be my baby!

My Family in law have gone back to Puerto Rico and all in normal in the house. It was not as bad as I had dreaded! I survived! However I did tell hubby when we go to Puerto Rico on vacation we WILL be staying at a hotel and he completely understood and he told me those are his intentions anyway! Just to keep us all sane!

Jasmin, having fun at the water park

Self portrait of me and Jasmin

Mickey playing in the water

Little Luis with Jasmin

The family at the Water Rapids at Busch Garden. Mickey and I decided to stay back and just wet them with the quater machines from the bridge.

New Attraction at Busch Garden "Jungala" . This is where the boys had most fun! It just opened last Friday and we went on Saturday. Being Spring break it was pretty full, but overall the boys had fun!

White Tiger

Mickey got scared when he saw this tiger this close to him in the glass!

Mickey and his cousin Aaron at one of the rides in the Dino section of Busch Gardens

Beautiful butterfly landscape...

Little Luis took this picture of Luis and I

Feeding the Koi Fish at a pond

Luis and his Mom...

Boys bowling


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Gotta love Busch Gardens... it was fun... oh work again... dread...

Yoly said...

You survived, greeeeeeat. Nice pics. I love tigers, don't know why but they are my favorites.

Mary Poppins said...

Envidia pero de la buena!!

Steffie B. said...

Love the pictures...especially the second one! ;)

Glad you had a good family vacation...you deserve it!