Thursday, May 22, 2008


I saw this meme over at Heather's blog and I liked it so much and since she tagged everyone I decided to do it. So here it goes...

I am: always questioning myself if I am parenting my sons correctly

I think: about my sons future

I know: I have found my soul mate in my husband

I want: stability in our finances, I have one dream left in my lifetime and the only way to accomplish this dream would be with a much better financial status.

I hate: inconsiderate people and lyers…

I miss: my Grandmother and my Aunt

I fear: the lost of my loved ones

I feel: I have so much love to give.

I hear: kids laughter in the living room

I smell: of the perfume I wore this morning can’t remember which! LOL maybe Lolita Lempika (sp)?

I crave: eating a lobster in a local rest in Puerto Rico, smelling the ocean and hearing the waves breaking at the shore.

I search for: peace within myself

I regret: nothing, If it was not for my mistakes I would not have met my husband and my soul mate, I would not have my firstborn. Everything happens for a reason...

I love: my kids

I ache: to give a needing child a home

I care: for orphans around the world

I always: rock myself to sleep

I am not: patient

I believe: that someday my dream will come true

I sing: in my SUV when I am alone.

I cry: very easily, I am a very emotional person.

I fight: for my kids rights and what I believe in

I win: when my kids accomplish their goals

I lose: when I can’t let go.

I never: think of myself first

I listen: to my moms advice always, but must admit that I don’t always agree with her.

I can usually be found: reading a book when the kids are sound asleep

I am scared: that I will not fight enough to have my dreams come true

I need: a vacation with just me and my hubby. I miss “US” time. I need to remember that I am a wife as well as a mother…

I am happy about: the direction my life has taken since I met my husband.

I hope: that my kids will achieve all of their dreams…

So if you are up to it. Tag your it! Make sure to leave me a comment that you are doing this so I can hope on over to read it...


Steffie B. said...

Love this are such a beautiful woman...inside and out! ;)

redmaryjanes said...

I love how so much of this focuses around your children. You are a wonderful mother : )