Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Catch Up! Bullet Style!

  • Had an awesome time in NY!
  • Visited family and my old neighborhood.
  • So glad my parents got us out of there when they did. The neighborhood where we lived is just in horrible conditions.
  • Walked way too much!
  • Got on the train in NY! I have not been on a train in NY since I was 11.
  • Visited: St Patricks Cathedral. SOHO,NOHO,Greenwich Village, China Town, Little Italy, Rockefellar Center etc...
  • I wish I had a better camera. With so many places I visited the pics came out really crappy and are not worthy of this blog (LOL hint, hint to hubby if you are reading)
  • Ate too many Pizza, Hot Dogs and Gyros.
  • Because of the above statement, I am starting a new eating habit around the house. I am buying anything I can organic and not buying much red meat.
  • Newark Airport SUCKS!!!!
  • My flight got delayed big time and I did not get home till 1:00 am!
  • While in NY even though I had a very nice time I missed all my boys tremendously!
  • Joey's Birthday was this past Sunday, he turned the BIG 16 and we had a lil get together at the house.
  • I realized that certain things needed to happen between me and Joey for our relationship to get stronger.
  • I am so grateful that we have a new appreciation of each other and HE (Joey) gets it!
  • Little Luis and Joey are going to Puerto Rico this Saturday the 5th until August 12th.
  • Mickey and me will be doing a lot of things together and I look forward to giving him that one on one time. For some reason I feel he needs me more know. He is very scared of going to Big Boy school and is very clingy to me.
  • We will be having a BIG 4 th of July BBQ at my cousins house and we are all looking forward to it.
  • Hubby and me are hoping we can get a sitter for Mickey and have some date nights all alone. We will be celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary on July 13 and I have no clue on what to get him... (Any ideas will be appreciated)

I have been reading the blogs I follow through bloglines and that is why I have not been commenting much....


Yoly said...

Welcom back, I missed you. Glad you had a great time. Happy B day to Joey.

Get hubby a camera so you can use it.


Briana's Mom said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time in NY!

Steffie B. said...

wow...sounds like a fabo time....I've never been to NY....maybe someday...when I'm old and in a wheel chair! lol

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Sorry it has been a while... hope life is treating you good... glad you had a nice time away in NY... take care