Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We are OK

Just wanted to give a quick update and let everyone that we are OK. School was suspended for Tuesday and Wednesday. However because of the changes in the Storm the schools where reinstated for today Wednesday.

I thank GOD that it did not get bad and it was just another rainy day over here. Just knowing that Hubby was out of town, it was just me and my boys in our house. It was comforting to see Joey step up and tell Luis that he would make sure that we where taken care of.

Hubby made it home safe and sound as well. Even though the weather was not that bad it still made me nervous that he was flying at night.

Fay on the other hand decided to leave me a lil something. With all the drizzles of rain that I got I am one sick puppy. I have managed to catch a nice summer cold and I feel like crap! My throat is itchy, my nose is running, sneezing and sniffles. I just HATE colds!

Not sure if I mentioned this here before, but Little Luis has been having frequent severe headaches that had us a little worried. He got a real bad headache while in Puerto Rico that he even vomited and had light sensitivity. I had been monitoring them and I had my suspicions that he was getting migraines. However because he is only 8 years old I was in doubt that a child that young would get a migraine. I started getting my migraines in my teen years so I was not sure.

Well when we got home from school on Monday I noticed him very quiet and I asked him what was wrong. He told me that his head hurt a lot. I gave him some children's Motrin and told him to go lay down for a while. He woke up and hour latter feeling fine.

We got him to the Dr. today, to have him fully evaluated. The doctor was in agreement that it appears that he indeed does have migraines. I asked her if this is hereditary and she confirmed that it was. I really do feel for him as I know what it is like and how miserable you can feel. She gave me some tips on how to identify what can trigger it and she also told me that we need to keep him away from preservatives. I have already started to buy some organic foods. Now I will make sure that even though it will be more costly in our monthly grocery bill, I will make sure that I get the proper foods for his sake.

Another thing that she did mention to me is that he is overweight. I as a mother don't see him over weight, however my family has told me that he is, and when he got on the scale it just reconfirmed it.

This past weekend Luis bought the Wii Fitness, and he is very enthusiastic with it, he is conscious that he needs to loose weight and with this new game he can set goals on how much he wants to loose. He first said that he wanted to loose 10 lbs in one month. I told him that he needs to set healthy goals and we have all agreed that he can try and loose 5 lbs in the next month.

I explained this to his doctor and she was in agreement with our plan and she thinks it would really work for him. He does not realize how much calories he is burning just by playing the game. Now it is up to me to cook healthier meals for him (actually for all of us) and this can be pretty tricky as the boys likes his rice everyday!

I think the most important thing is that he is willing to try and eat healthier . Let's see how it goes!


Yoly said...

Wow, I'm sorry. Hope this migrane epidosdes don't occur often.

Glad nothing happende with the storm


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Glad to hear you made it through Fay ok...

Steffie B. said...

So glad you are safe....we are having the health issues here too as you know.....what is it with kids and headaches?!?!?!? Have a
great weekend.