Monday, September 15, 2008


Hubby finally made it home on Friday! I was so excited as well as the boys! We spent Saturday just getting the house up to date and spending quality time with each other.

Sunday our family had an end of summer BBQ at my cousins house and a great time was had by all. It was so hot that they boys made a dash for the pool! LOL

One funny thing did happen this weekend. We took Hubby's car to the BBQ and when we were about 5 houses from our house Mickey asked if he could poke he head out from the Sun roof. I would never allow him to do this, BUT they were no cars on our street and hubby was only doing 10 mph. So me and hubby looked at each other and told him yes. Hubby stopped the car so he could get in position poke he head out.

He then proceeded to stretch his arms out like they did in the movie Titanic and he screamed "I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD" stretching out the word "World" as much as he could! We almost died laughing and we have no idea where he heard this before! The child is only 5 years old and he just comes up with some stuff! LOL

When we got them ready for bed and were tucking them in Mickey hugs me and tell me in a very low voice "Right Mommy I am the king of the world?"

Moments like these I will always treasure with my boys! I of course told him "You sure are buddy"


Briana's Mom said...

He certainly is King of the World! How cute!!!

Yoly said...

How cute!!!!!

Mary Poppins said...

Kids say the darndeset things!