Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I have been such a slacker lately... I just have been so busy. Between the two little ones in school and Joey with his after school practices I just don't have any time left. I am also a lil addicted to Facebook! LOl

Mickey has been adjusting good in school. I am actually surprised! He wakes up with no fuss whatsoever and eagerly gets ready. We enrolled him in the dual language program at his school. You see even though our native language is Spanish he will not speak it at ALL. He understands everything we say to him, but he refuses to speak it. It was very important for us that he speaks it. At the beginning he did not like his "Espanol" class at ALL, and he kept telling us that he gets nervous in this class, we tried to ease his anxiety and calm his fears. When he learns something he proudly tells us! So far he has learned some letters of the alphabet, numbers and colors. I have to tape him and post it hear for you all to see! He has this adorable accent!

Little Luis has been getting a lot of homework! He is in the enrichment program in school, and it is tough. And this year he must pass the FCAT in order to be promoted to 4th grade, that alone has him a little stressed out. He knows everything that is given to him, it is just that it is a lot of material to cover in one night. The other night he did not even get to watch TV, because he finished his homework, past his bedtime at 9:00 pm!

Joey is starting to gather information on Colleges! I can't believe that next year he will be a Senior! He made the Wrestling, Cross Country running and the Swim teams for his school. I am not sure how I will survive this year with so many practices and matches.

I am a little overwhelmed to say the least! This week hubby is in GA for training and will be back on Saturday to leave the following Monday to GA again for another week of training. I miss him dearly! I made arrangements to get to work late in order to take the boys to school. And even if hubby is home he gets home so late that I am just left to fend on my own. I am not complaining, but I just guess I need to vent somewhere. I am grateful that he has a well paying job, but I just wish he could get a 9-5 job. For now I know that it will never happen, as all his experience is in Rent to own Management, and the training that he is taking in GA is for the new opening that the company will have for Regional Manager. He has been trying to go up in the ladder for so long and he now has the opportunity to do it! He is really excited, who am I to rain in his parade? Hopefully after he gets settled in he can work less hours?

On another note. Hanna, Ike an Josephine, you are not welcomed in my home! Hopefully we will not get hit by any of them, but I think we are bound to get hit by one.


Briana's Mom said...

Sounds like your whole family has been busy!

Another Facebook addict here!

Yoly said...

Glad the boys are doing fine, I'll pray that you don't have any visitors like Hanna and the other guys.

I love facebook but don't have much time.


Michaela said...

Hi from Orlando, FL. I just came over from "Life with Briana". You have a beautiful family!
The same thing happened with my son-he understood German, but refused to speak it. He is a lot better now, but still a little embarassed when we speak it in public.
Best wishes,