Monday, November 3, 2008

Lame Blogger I know!

Well lets see if I can catch up! I have been so busy lately and work has been well lets see horrible!

I have tons of pictures just sitting in my camera... I have the pumpkin patch pictures, Halloween pics and the making of the kids signs to take to their big day tomorrow to go see ECW and Smackdown. Hopefully I can get them uploaded tomorrow, as I will be all alone in my house with no cooking or tending to kids! YEAH!!!!!! It will be a nice relaxing night for me, while hubby is having fun with his boys.

Don't get me wrong anyone who really knows me knows how much I love being with my boys, but it is nice to catch a break here and there.

The other day Joey txt me to tell me he needs Gel for his hair, so after work I make a quick stop at Wally World (W@lmart), which I hate going to anyways. As I start to lower the back door of my SUV I made a miscalculation of space and managed to smash my head with all my might! I saw all the fairies, stars, moons and lights that you can imagine! The pain that shot through my head was so intense that I started to vomit right there and then.

A young man that saw what happened came running to me to see if I was OK. It took me a couple of minutes to catch my breath and when I managed to let go of my head he told me that I was bleeding from my forehead. Great! Just what I needed! I managed to crack open my head all on my own. He turned on my SUV and turned on the air for me. I checked the damage I had caused upon myself and did what any little girl would do. I called my Mom! Which now that I think about it was really dumb as all I did was make her nervous and she was miles away from me. She calmed me down over the phone and told me to look at my head again to see how much I had opened. After further inspection I concluded that it was really small and I could mend myself up when I got him with an old fashion butterfly stitch.

I had to go and get my boys from their after school program and I was really in no position to go to an Urgent Care and much less and ER. I had to go get my boys! I was about 30 miles away from their school. My Mom does not live close by to go and get them, hubby works in Tampa! So I gathered myself up and made my way to pick them up.

I called hubby on my way and explained what happened, and he asked me to go to the ER, I told him that I would be OK. By the time I got to pick up the boys I was sporting a nice Quasimodo look! Perfect for Halloween!

When the boys saw me they were worried but I told them I was OK. I got home and Joey prepared dinner for the boys while I took a bath and then mended my self up. Joey got me and ice pack and I laid down for a while. When Hubby got home he wanted to take me to the ER but I assured him I was OK. He was afraid that I might have a fracture. The swelling was going down and I was not feeling weird or anything. The cut is completely closed now and the swelling is down but it still hurts when I touch it.

The kids had a blast on Halloween, Mickey was Iron Man, Little Luis was Rey Mysterio (I managed to make his pants, as I was not willing to shell out $75.00 for a pair of replica pants) and Joey pulled out a last minute costume and he and his cousin Tony put some hair rollers on, make up, fake boobies and really old night gowns that belonged to my Aunt. It was hilarious! They were the hit! They would even flash their boobies to some neighbors!

Yesterday we went to church and had a really nice time, we met up with my Mom, Sister and our best friend that is like a sister with her kids and then headed out to a late lunch.

After lunch we made our way to get some boots for the whole family. We are planning a 5 day get a way to Gatlinbugh TN in February! The boys are so excited! Hopefully we will be able to get the boys to see some snow and take them snow tubing at Ober. We are planning on renting out a Cabin and spend some quality time together. Hopefully we can get more family on board.

So that wraps it up for me. So what have you been up to?


kris said...

WOMAN. Oh my GOSH!!! I am all jittery after reading this and having trouble focusing on any fun you might have had. That vomiting episode worried me and had concussion written all over it! Keep an eye on yourself, I can't believe you were able to drive after that!! You are one brave, resilient human being!!

redmaryjanes said...

I tell you, that sounds like something I would do to myself. I am always hurting myself.

Yoly said...

I think you should go to the doctor, the vomiting indicates that you hit yourself very hard. Please take care.

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart...sounds awful! I hope you are FULLY on the mend now!

Special K said...

You're a trooper. Just like a mom to be wounded in battle but pressing on with her responsibilities. But take care of yourself. Geez... ;)