Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Well this year has started with me being as busy as ever! I have been missing my blog so much!

We had a wonderful Christmas with the two little ones while Joey was in Puerto Rico. This year little Luis and Mickey missed him dearly. They even took turns sleeping in his room!

I hosted a Christmas Day Bunch at my house with close family and we had a nice relaxing day. We also celebrated my Mom's 59th Birthday as well as two of my nephews birthday's.

The Friday after Christmas I took the day off from work and me and the little ones just hanged out in our PJ’s all day and then hit the mall so they could spend some of their Christmas money and to make a quick exchange. They got two Tyco Wheelie motorcycles, however me being the “Oh so Mommy; I don’t want them to fight over the colors” bought them the same color not knowing that they ran in the same frequency. It was easily fixed and they are now able to compete in races.

I got Hubby this little camera that he is in LOVE with.

I got a cool elliptical that I really wanted!

Joey asked that every one give him cash. He now has almost enough money to buy himself this new laptop that he wants. We will complete his cash flow and he should have it by next week, if I ever make it to the mall!

Little Luis and Mickey asked that we update their PSP and Nintendo DS to the new PSP Slim and the Nintendo DS Lite

Yesterday we celebrated Three Kings Day! I had to work but hubby was off and kept the boys from school in order for them to enjoy their toys.

The holidays are over and I and so glad! All the decorations will go down this weekend and everything will be back to normal!

I am looking forward to some quiet time, as well as planning for our upcoming vacation to Gatlinburg TN!


Yoly said...

Nice pics, hoper this is a good year for you and you family.

Love you guys,

Steffie B. said...

looks like a wonderful holiday.....but quiet time is good! ;) Enjoy your vacation.

Pug Mama said...

wow - your tree looks so pretty with all the matching presents.
Your mom is YOUNG!
My sons got PSP's also.