Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ready, Set, GO!

We are packed and ready to go! The boys are so excited and I must say that Hubby and myself are as well!

We will be heading up to TN on Friday, going straight to Gatlinburg and then we will head south to Chattanooga.

We will make a stop in GA and we (by this I mean ME) will go to the Cabbage Patch Kid Factory! When I was a little girl I loved these dolls!

Hubby has requested to go to the Coca Cola tour as well.

I plan on taking tons of pictures with my new SLR and we will be taking one of the laptops. Not sure that I will blog but hopefully I can upload pics of our adventures.

Below is a picture of my beautiful niece! I am having so much fun playing with my camera....


Ransom said...

Great picture!

Hopefully you will have lots more to share, soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Oops...did my DOG write that last comment? I thought it was ME!


Indio said...

Hey cuz! Glad to see you and the fam are doing well. I'm getting the proverbial ball rolling on things I have always wanted to do but always found excuses not to do them. While sailing unchartered waters is always an anxious time, you know I'm resilient and will battle the high seas!

All my best to the entire FL crew.

Harrito aka El Indio

Dawn said...

Beautiful picture! Have a wonderful trip!


Ransom said...

By the way, I have an award awaiting you when you return...

(Your blog is linked in this post of mine!)