Saturday, March 14, 2009

I know I have been lost from the bloggy world for a while. I am kind of in a funk, not that I don't have lots to say, but I have been very busy.

Have you ever felt that you need a vacation from your vacation? I have been exhausted lately, and the time change has not been helping me at all!

I have been very busy at work, and it has been a little overwhelming! I have one employee out on maternity leave, and I have had a couple others who have been out sick, leaving my plate rather full with things that need be done.

Little Luis and Joey had FCATS last week and they where very stressed to say the least. Can someone tell me why they inflict so much pressure and scare the shit out of 3rd graders about this test! I mean for crying out loud he is 8 and does not need to feel so much of a burden on him! Little Luis had 2 nights in which he had nightmares this past week. I literally had to lay with him in bed all night to give him reassurance that all would be OK. I am sure he will past this test, he is currently reading on a 5th grade level and is in the schools enrichment program.

Joey got his SAT scores and he passed with a 24! Can you imagine how PROUD I am of my firstborn? I am ECSTATIC! Needless to say he with that score and his GPA he will have no problem in getting into the College he wants.

My house looks like a war zone! Luis just ripped the floors out and we will be installing Travertine tiles soon. Two years ago I made the mistake of installing laminate floors, well lest just say that boys + dog = bad looking floors! My dad will be coming up from Miami to install the tiles.

Yesterday we booked our next vacation. We will be going on a Cruise to the Western Caribbean! We got it dirt cheap for all 5 of us. It is looking like it will be a big family reunion, because my mom and dad as well as my sister with her kids and two cousins with their families will be going as well! This should be fun!


Dawn said...

Congrats on Joey's SAT scores~~ what an accomplishment! I am sure that you are bursting with pride!!!

Your next vacation sounds awesome! There really are alot of deals out there right now for traveling.

Hope your week slows down some at work!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! The Cruise sounds awesome! Especially since so many of your extended family will be joining you on it! Knowing you have that to look forward to should help lift you out of the funk a little bit!!!