Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hello? Hello?

Is there anyone still out there reading this blog?

I am so sorry for the lack of updates to the blog. I must admit that I am having a little affair with facebook! And I keep on forgetting to come over here! LOL

The boys are on their Spring Break and life has been busy to sat the least. My house is in shambles! Still no floor layed down, and anybody who knows me, knows that is driving me crazy!!!! Dad will be here on the18th and we should get it all done that weekend. If that was not enough I decided to paint the whole house and update all the decorations.

Some bloggy friends as well as bloggers that I follow have gotten or will get their referrals soon!!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR THEM! You all know who you are!!!!


Pug Mama said...

I'm still here!!!

Briana's Mom said...

I'm still here too girl! :)

Yoly said...

Me too,,,,yeap I love facebook

Liene said...

You are one crazy lady!!! Painting and redecorating the whole house? You sound like you would get along great with my mother. She gets an itch every 4-5 yrs that everything has to be changed. It's a never ending cycle with her. But I love her OCD ways anyhow.

I've been wondering if you were ever going to blog again. Glad you did!

Anonymous said...

I'm still out here...just slow getting around to see everyone...slow, but sure!

It seems like a LOT of people wind up getting addicted to facebook! Not me. I'm there, but far from caught up in it! I think I'm just too old to really connect with the whole facebook thing!