Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm back! Kind of...

Wow where do I begin? It was never my intention of being away from this blog for so long...

Well I can finally say that the mini home improvement we set our goals on has been completed! Wow lets just say I never want to deal the dust and this kind of mess again! We have been exhausted, however our house is finally looking decent!

The tiles are set, the new base boards painted and while I was at it I decided to make a clean sweep and tackled all the closets in the house. Needless to say I will be doing a garage sale soon! Holy crap! I have no idea how I have accumulated so much stuff in the 5 years we have lived in this house!

The boys have outgrown so many clothes! And Joey's choice of clothing has changed and now he will not wear any of what I would call his hip hop clothes anymore... He is totally into what I call kind of suffer, preppy dude!

And talking about Joey. I have been thinking about his future so much. To know that he will be entering his senior year in a couple of months fills me with pride and at the same times makes my heart ache to know that soon he will go his way as a young man. I have been trying to write a post just about him and the emotions I felt the day his class ring arrived at my house, however I am just so overcome by emotion that the tear rolling down my face don't help. I hope to finish it soon and post it.

Sometimes I don't post here because I feel that things that I want to write about are not blog worthy, So I have made a decision to start using this blog as a scrap book of memories an photos of my family, I really don't have many readers anyway.

For those who still read hopefully I won't bore you to death~ LOL


redmaryjanes said...

Your blog looks fabulous! Zach will be a senior too next year and has already been out to visit a college 12 hours away. It is just so hard for me. I know he needs to move out into the world...but I'm sure not ready to let him go.

Pug Mama said...

I'm still here - you never bore me!!

Yoly said...

I always follow your blog and I always will.

Joey will do great you'll see.

Love you

Liene said...

I keep checking in waiting to see if you have anything to say.

I think that things just breed while we're sleeping. We've been taking boxes to recycling that have been in the garage since we moved and Lane swears that every time he goes out into the garage he finds more that weren't there before. We've been doing the decluttering dance too. Wish there was more I could get rid of!

I'm giving all of Eriks clothes to my cousins who have boys younger than mine. So they will be set for years!