Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Urgent Care

Ok so I come back from my lunch break to realize that I had a missed call from Mickeys day care. Called them back with my heart skipping a beat. You see even though I love all my kids equally. Mickey is literally Mommy's little boy. They told me he had 102.3 fever. I called his pediatrician to try and get him in. Well I should have know better! The secretary had no open slots for today she told me we can see him TOMORROW afternoon! This did not surprise me as it has happened before. I called various Urgent Cares to try and find one that was not too full. Mickey commutes with me goes to pre-pre K near my work. But I live ONE HOUR away and that is where little Luis goes to school and I needed to pick him up too. I called an urgent care down the road from where I live. Yeah!!!! They informed me it wasn't that full. I leave work pick Mickey. He looked really sick and was burning in fever. I get to the urgent care and this is what happened:

Secretary: Oh poor thing he looks more sick than you.
Me: He is the one that is sick not me.
Secretary: Oh I am sorry but the doctor does not see anyone younger than 12.
Me: I called in and said that the BABY! was sick!
Secretary: I am sorry

I take my little boy and decided to go home and go online to see what I could fine. I was either do a little search online or go to the hospital (45minutes away and be there for at least 5 hours) I decided to go home. Oh did I forget to mention that I had left my house without my purse in the morning. So I was literally driving around with no license or insurance card.

I got home and Joey was already home from school. Mickey starts to vomit, we cleaned him up and laid him down. Joey went and got little Luis at the after school program. I was able to find this urgent care. To make a story short, we got there it was empty! The doctor checked him out and he has a throat, ear and sinus infection.... Poor boy…. He even recommend a Pediatrician close to my house. I will call soon to make an appointment and if I like her I will request all the boys records from the other Pediatrician. I got him his meds and we got home at around 8:00pm. Buy this time I was exhausted. I will leave him with my mom tomorrow to see if he feels better. I hate seeing my kids sick! I just feel useless that I can't take their misery and pain away. Hopefully he will get better and back to his old self. I really hope he feels better by Wednesday he has his appointment in the eye doctor to see if he needs glasses to correct his lazy eye. I will keep you all posted.

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Yoly said...

Hey you are doing great with the Blog. I know how you feel, I too get histerical when J is sick.

I hope Mickey gets better soon.

The best medicine for Mickey, Lots of hugs and kisses and TLC