Tuesday, March 20, 2007

He is feeling better

Today Luis took Mickey to my moms house. She wanted to stay with him today because of his hi fever. My sister looked after him for a while and then mom did. I went to pick up Joey and Little Luis at home before heading to Moms to pick up Mickey. Made a quick stop at Walmart to get Mickey some nail medication. You see he has started to bite his nails. I really want to take that habbit away from him (I do the same thing and I hate it). I need to apply the medication on his nail when he is asleep as he will not let me even look at his nails.
When I got home my sister was at Mommy's house and I was able to see my gorgeous niece up here. I may not have a little girl but she is almost mine and I LOVER her with all my heart!!!! How could you resist those cheeks! Mickey is fine he said "Mommy I feel MUCH better. Can I have some candy" I was so glad to see him back to himself.
Tomorrow we will see if he needs glasses!

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Yoly said...

Ahhhh, how cute your niece. God Bless