Thursday, March 22, 2007

Will he be Clark Kent!

I am so ready for Friday at 3:30 pm!!!! I will leave the hustle and bustle of the office and just relax with my kids on their Spring Break. My Mother In Law arrives on Saturday with my Sister in Law and her two kids.

The boys are really looking forward to this time with them. They have not seen their Auntie in a year. They will definitely have fun with Aaron and Layla.

We will hit the parks and go down to Miami. Big Luis has to work but he will try to take at least 2 days off. Because of his new job he is limited. We were planning to go to NY but he could not make it. Call me silly but I will not take a vacation unless I am with hubby! He really wanted us to go because little Luis wants to go to NY soooo bad. But we will make it up to him and take him real soon. We were going to try for Christmas but wooof the hotels are minimum $400 per night. A little to pricey for us being a family of five. So we will try to make it sooner and go to Puerto Rico on Christmas. Let's see how it plays out.

But anyway Friday 3:30 pm wooo hooo can't wait. Even though I know I will be overloaded with work when I get back the following Monday.

We have been talking to Mickey about the new glasses he will be getting. I really hope he can cooperate. The doctor told me that he needs to have them on all the time. He will see him in month and he said that it is very possible that he would have to patch Mickey's good eye so his Lazy eye works harder.

Today I really got sad about Mickey's eye condition, it was just scary to see him struggle sooo hard during the eye exam and then just hear him guess the answers because he could not see what the nurse was pointing too. I have faith in GOD that all will be well. The doctor told us that he is real young and that with treatment he will get better. If I interpreted his prescription correctly he has 400/20 on his right eye and 50/20 on his left. I will confirm this when we pick up the glasses. I was so concerned with all of what the doctor told me that this is all I can remember.

We told Mickey that he will be the Clark Kent of our family!


Yoly said...

Hope you have tons of fun.


Noemi said...

I am really looking forward to this day off! I can't wait.