Wednesday, March 21, 2007

He Needs Gl@@ses!

Last night I put Mickey the nail medication I had bought him for bitting his nails. That boy definetly cracks me up. After negotiating with him he finally let me put it on and about 15 minutes passed and this is how our conversation went:

Mickey: Mommy I need to wash my hands

Me: No you don't I just took you a bath

Mickey: Yeah I do Mommy there are really dirty

Me: No they are not go to bed

Mickey: Mommy they are really, really dirty can you PLEASE wash my hands

Me: Mickey did you bite your nails?

Mickey: No I didn't!

Me: Did they taste bad?

Mickey: Yeah Mommy they are nasty!

LOL how could I hold a straight face with that conversation! But heck if it works GREAT!

I left Mickey home with Luis as he was off from work. Around 10:00am Luis calls me cracking up. He tells me that while he was watching TV with Mickey he asked him: "Daddy could I bite your nails mine taste nasty!" I am telling you he is such a ingenious little boy.

Anyways we took Mickey to the eye doctor today. The doctor did his exam and he dialated his pupils (not fun having to pin him down while the doctor out in the eye drops) . By the time that the doctor had him looking at the images at the wall we new he really had a problem. It turns out he has Astigmatism and a Lazy Eye also known as Amblyopia. So he need glasses. We did the order and will pick the up on Monday Above you can see how he will l@@k. He was excited but on his way home he said "I hate glasses" So lets see how this will go!


Anonymous said...

My nephew looks so cute in glasses :) Janet

Yoly said...

He looks great with his glasses.