Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Is there an easy button for life?

She is just adorable in this pose.

Look at that smile!

Here she is receiving her blesses baptismal holy water.

Is there and Easy Button for life?

I have been really stressed out lately and I am about to go nuts. I want normalcy in my house! Is this too much to ask for? I have just about had it with KIDS who cannot be well behaved in other people’s houses! I just really need to vent out my frustrations.

Last night I just went into my bathroom and just cried! I guess there are a lot of things going on altogether that I guess I am just overloaded.

I knew that there would come a time that Joey would think start giving me the teen-age attitude. And I am about to slap the attitude away from him! I know that it is all normal for him to want to do whatever he wants. But in my house you do what I say. You could be 30 still living at home and you need to follow my rules. He wants to grow up so fast. Why? Then he is slick, he knows when to pull his attitude away. Like when Luis is home he knows better than to give me any kind of mouth. I know Luis is not hit biological Dad but he has been there for him since he was 5 years old and has had no difference between Joey and little Luis and Mickey.

He spent Passover with my Mom and came back on Easter Sunday with my family. We were to meet at my house and all head out to church for my niece Jasmin’s Baptism. Because I had scolded him on Friday for leaving the house without my permission while I was at work, he decided not to talk to me on Sunday when he got home! Because of all of what was going on I notice what he was doing but decided that I would talk to him latter. I had over 20 family members in my house and did not want to get into it.

When I got home on Monday I decided to talk to him about what he did on Sunday. He told me that because he was upset that I scolded him that he decided not to talk to me! The nerve of him to tell me this. So I told him that the next time I am upset at him I will not cook, clean or care for him. He will not be able to where MY clothes, can’t sleep in MY bed, can’t use MY computer, MY IPOD, MY TV, and can’t use MY electricity, MY water. To see how he would like it. Am I wrong to want a child that can obey my rules? Am I too strict to want him to do the right things and to want to know whom he is with? Am I wrong to not let him go out when he wants too? Am I wrong to ask him to clean up after himself? Am I wrong to ask him to help me out around the house? Am I wrong to just LOVE him so much that I want to guide him through the right path? Am I a bad mom? He as GREAT grades in School 4 A’s and 1 B, that’s not his problem. His problem is his attitude. Is it wrong to just want to run away for a while?
Maybe some day I will get the answers that I need. Above you will find some pictures of little Jasmin. She was just sooo beautiful on this special day..


Yoly said...

Ahhhhhhh, your niece is sooooo pretty. Hey you are doing great, you are a good mom. Teenage years are the worst buy they pass.

No cedas a sus presiones, él te lo agradecerá luego.

kris said...

Just found your blog... and my answer is NO, you are doing all of the right things, and everything within your rights as a parent! And thank God you are BEING a parent... I think too often parents treat their kids as "friends" and then these kids just have no guidance at all...

Hang in there, the teenage years are the worst but it will get better. And it's okay to feel like you want to get away! Motherhood is the hardest work there is, and we all need breaks sometimes!

GORGEOUS photo of Jasmins baptism... thanks for sharing such a sacred day!