Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sick Again!

So today I get to work and around 10:00 am get a call from Mickey's Day care!

In my head I am like something is wrong...

They tell me that he has puked 3 times since this morning. I make arrangements and leave the office to go pick him up. In transit to daycare I call his doctor and it was a miracle that they can see him today! Wow that was a first. When I get there he is screaming at the top of his lungs that his tummy hurt! I had never seen him like this.... Mickey is the kind of kid with 104 fever and could be jumping up and down like nothing. I really got scared!

On my way to the doctors office he vomited 4 times yeah you read right 4 times in a matter of 15 minutes!

I got there at 10:45 am he vomited 2 more times in the hour and a half wait that we had. I am counting in my head 3+4+2=9. Yikes 9 times he is really, really sick!

He fell asleep on top of me! I reeked with puke!


Can't this doctor pass him through? I mean the other parents there were like they need to pass him in first. He is really sick!

But Nooooo that doesn’t happen I did not get in till 12:30! Ahh I am thinking I really need a new doctor!

Mickey get’s up when I lay him on the table. He is says, "Mommy, I feel better" he is like nothing happened, all my worries where gone at that instant. She checks him and tells me that it is a virus.

Why is it that everything my kids get are a "virus” Go figure!

She told me that he could also start with some diarrhea.

So I take my kid and debate where to buy him his medication. I decide to go to "Wal-Mart" I figure I can buy the meds and pick up some Jell-O and Apple Juice at the same time.

When I am about to give the pharmacist the prescription Mickey says "Mommy I did Pipi on myself" I look down and what did I see....

Yeah you guessed it! He had watery poop all over him in the middle of Wal-Mart!

Looked at the pharmacist and she said take him to the bathroom I will have someone clean it up don't worry about it.

I had no more clothes with me since he had puked it all. An employee saw me in the store and said if she could help. I asked her to if she could go grab me some diapers. She came back within 5 minutes and I was able to make a quick fix on Mickey until we got home.

It is 5:00 pm while I type this and Mickey is just Fine I mean Fine. No vomiting, no diarrhea no nothing.

Don't get me wrong I am sooo happy he is feeling better. I just would have like to have gone through the day without the diarrhea!


Yoly said...

Poor Mickey, I hope he is feeling better. Maybe it was something he ate.

When doctor don't know what its going on the love to use the famous virus DX.

Steffie B. said...

Oh you poor soul....I hope the rest of the family doens't get it! Keep us posted! I bet a shower never felt so good! ;)

Noemi said...

Yoly... He is feeling much better. I also think it was something he ate.

Steffie... Yes it really wansn't pretty, but I got through it! Oh yeah that shower never felt so good..

Mary Poppins said...

Poor you...poor mickey...poor walmart people...

when kids get sick it's just hard on everybody...

especially the moms, who have to be able to clean poop, diarrhea and still manage to cook dinner without losing it...Get better soon..!

Colleen said...

Oh I am so sorry that this all happened. I hope he feels better soon...oh man - that is the stuff that I am not that excited about. How nice that someone was that nice at the store to help you.