Friday, April 27, 2007

And then the other one got sick!

I am seriously thinking of putting my 3 kids in a plastic bubble! No Joke here! I am dead serious! Every time one of them gets sick it cost me like $100 bucks between co-pay and the meds… Multiply that by 3 and it is easily $300 buck!

Today at 5:00am while dressing Mickey I notice that he has dried snot in his face! I am trying to convince myself that he is not sick. Ha! Who am I kidding? He feels me dressing him and wakes up and the minute he opens his mouth to talk I KNOW he is sick again.

I think to myself why couldn’t his doctor see this coming when I took him to the doctor the day before yesterday! (I know wishful thinking here). My poor little boy has a real bad cold. So I think to myself hmmmm what do I do? I know I can’t take another day off at work in the same week, so I wake up Luis and ask him to see if he thinks he can stay home with him. With his groggy voice he tells me he can’t stay home with Mickey because 1) one of his employees quit yesterday and 2) he had to fire another employee today! I think geez who is going to help you run the store.

So I think, he doesn’t have a fever… I am going to risk taking him to daycare and pray that they do not call me. Made a quick stop at 5:45am at the 24 hour pharmacy and get him some cold medicine give it to him and just pray that he does not get a fever. When I arrive at daycare I inform them that he is getting a cold, but that if he gets cranky or gets a fever to give me a call and I will come and get him.

So what do you think happens! Joey calls me at 8:43 am from school. Guess what he has the nasty virus that Mickey had 2 days ago. He has stomach pains and has been in a hurry to get to the bathroom.! Poor kid!

I work over 1 hour away from his school. So I called Luis (he works on that side of town) to see if he can go pick him up and go get him some meds. Well I called him when he was just about to meet with the soon to be ex-employee of the company. He tells me that as soon as he finishes firing this employee he will head out to get him.

So I call Joey and tell him: “Daddy is going to pick you up as soon as he fires someone at work but he should be there soon, OK”. And Joey’s response was “Huh? Ok Mom I guess, but can you tell him to fire the employee fast and to come and pick me up, I really don’t feel well


So far no call from the daycare!

I can just pray that the cold medicine I gave him will work for the rest of the day and then I have the weekend to take care of my little angels.

I feel sorry for Joey he was going to the movies and then having a weekend sleepover with one of our closet friends house.

I guess Raincheck!


Yoly said...

It's very hard when kids get sick. Both J and Kimberly are getting a cold so I know how it is.

Hope your boys get well soon.

Mary Poppins said...

oh crap...that sucks....and I hate to rain on your parade...but You could be next!!

Steffie B. said...

Oh dear....I was afraid that would happen....doesn't it always??? Hope you guys are on the mend soon.....and thank you for the email the other day....I so hope you can bring home adaughter someday too! ;)