Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Joey you make me SO PROUD!

My Son is in the HONOR ROLL of Haines City High School! Yesterday after a hectic day at work, I get home to start my afternoon ritual like homework with little Luis, get Mickey to take a bath, cook etc, etc, etc.

Joey was at a friend’s house helping him catch up with some class work and he got home around 6:30 pm. I served him some dinner and by this time Luis was already home from work.

At around 7:00 pm Joey tells me:
Joey: "Mom, I need to tell you something". "Don't get mad at me"
Me: "What's wrong"
Joey: "Tomorrow there is an awards ceremony at school, and I am invited with my family to attend"
Me: "WHAT, why did you not tell me"
Joey: "I'm sorry I forgot"

I immediately went to his closet to see what he can wear, and nothing (Dressy)!

Luis says, "go to the mall and get him some clothes", I will take care of the boys (Mickey & little Luis)

So at 7:30 pm I haul A$$ to the mall to get my kids some slacks with a button down shirt.

You see I every time I try and get him dress clothes he will not have it! He is in the phase that he thinks he can wear Jeans and Echo, South Pole or Avirex T shirts anywhere. His closet is full of clothes but none that was appropriate for this type of event.

After some $$$ was spent I made my way home with him and called my boss to tell her that I would be late for the office. Luis was not going to be able to attend (his Assistant Manager was off).

Called my Mom to see if she could make it to his school by 9:00 am the next morning and explained to her why. She was so excited!

He looked so handsome! It was a real nice ceremony and there were lots of kids in the auditorium. When they called him up for the 9th grade Honors I could not help but feel so proud of him. My Boy looked all grown up, and was a young man!

He has a 3.4 GPA average, and the boy does not study! I fight with him constantly to review his class work and to study and he says he knows it and does not need to study.

When all was done we took pictures and I gave him a real big hug and told him that I loved him and so proud of him. He told me that he wants to get to High Honors and that he is going to start studying to see if he can make it! Wow I love my boy.

Then he tells me that he has another Award Ceremony for his ROTC class tonight at 7:00 pm! So off I went to work and Mom took him and Mickey to her house. I will post more tomorrow with some pictures.

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Mary Poppins said...

Congrats!! you must be one proud mom!!!

by the way..my ex in laws are from Haines City...I was there a few months ago...