Friday, May 18, 2007

My Mr Magoo!

Mickey went for his follow up visit with his pediatric ophthalmologist. Not looking good. The doctor had prescribed some drops that were stronger than the ones he uses at the office for the dilatation of his pupils.

Well let me tell you that was NOT fun. Luis tells me he almost had to pry his eye open with a crow bar cause he would not want to cooperate. He finally got the drops in and headed to the doctors office.

While the doctor was examining him he looked and Luis and said that it was not looking good.

He changed Mickey’s prescription to a stronger one. Luis does not remember to what it was changed. I will find out on Monday when I pick them up. He says he hopes that this should help him more.

Mickey was not happy with the doctor taking his glasses away from him. He was upset, and I totally understand why.

The doctor told Luis that his pupils would be dilated for about 2 to 3 days. He also said that the light would bother him, and that he could se blurrier than he would normally see without his glasses.

Hopefully his glasses will be ready by Monday, but in the meanwhile my poor baby has no glasses and cant see right.

Every time he gets frustrated he tells me: “mommy the bad doctor took my glasses and I can’t see. I NEED my glasses!”

I feel so sorry for him. I could just imagine his frustration of not seeing clear.

Luis told me he is not being convinced with this doctor. He has another appointment on June 20, so let’s see what happens! If not we will look for another doctor.

It is funny how you can adjust to seeing someone with glasses for about 2 months! I look at Mickey and he looks so different without his glasses, still my cute baby but different!

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