Friday, May 18, 2007

New York Here We Come!

Shh don’t tell the boys.

We are going to NY! I want it to be a surprise for Little Luis and Mickey. You see little Luis will just die to go to the Big Apple. He is fascinated with the big buildings and Museums.

We were supposed to go in March for their Spring Break, but ultimately decided not to go. Needless to say he was very sad. And I felt really guilty in not going.

Believe me I had my personal reasons for not going. I would never promise the kids something and just not comply.

So I have some vacation days and school is out so why not! I talked to my sis Janet and she thought we could make a surprise visit to my other sister in NYC and go for my grand-niece Anaysha (ouch that made me feel old) 1st birthday party.

Now the Fun of it all is that we are going driving from deep in South Florida to New York. We will pack my Mommy Mobile and the kids and head out next Thursday afternoon at 3:30 right after work.

I have been grilled at work that it is not going to be fun because of the long drive (17 hours), however I think it will be the total opposite. I just can’t wait!

I will tell Luis when they come and pick me up at work on Thursday… The only one of my boys that knows is Joey. I had to tell him to make sure that he told his dad in PR not to book his flight for the summer till we got back from NY. I really want him to go with us and take the famous picture in Time square. He is really hyped about it.

I can’t wait to eat NY style Pizza, Hot dogs, Gyro. Can’t wait to see the kids face when they enter the Museum of Natural History and see the dinosaur fossils. Or when they go to FAO Schwartz and the biggest 4 story Toy r’ us. And last but not least the Empire State Building I will do anything for my kids!

I also can’t wait to go SHOPPING in CANAL Street! Woo Hooo! I promise to post the pictures when we get back.

Remember shh, don’t tell the boys! LOL


Yoly said...

New York RULES.. I use to live there. Have a great time

kris said...

NYC is my ALL time fave city- better than Paris, better than Rome. HAVE A BLAST! And if you can do it, SEE STOMP at the ORPHEUM, it was out of this world and the kids would love it...
google it and go!

Noemi said...


I am from there too. I just cant wait!


I am going to look into STOMP for for the boys will let you know how it is!

Melissa said...

I used to do much of my Christmas shopping on Canal Street!