Monday, July 9, 2007

For some reason I CAN NOT put on the Title on this post! Anyways:

Just a quick update! We had a real good time on the 4th, until that is when it just poured cats and dogs!

We went to the water park with the whole gang in tow. Not my gang but my sis with her kids and my Mom with my Dad also made it. I was really grateful that Daddy was able to make it. With all the traveling that he does he is rarely home for this kind a of holiday.

I forgot my camera (Bad Mommy) and was upset cause it was the first time that Mickey got in the Wave pool and did not cling on my neck for his life. He has always been terrified of the big pools. He went in with his Daddy and when I went to look for them in the kiddy pool they were not there. So I started walking around the park and found them in the big wave pool. He was so proud!

At around 4:00pm we decided to pack our things and go across the street to Busch Gardens. As soon as we passed the entrance it started to rain. So we decided to go get a bite to eat at the smoke house and trekked through the rain to the other side of the park to the restaurant. Well let me tell you that we were not the only ones with this idea as the restaurant was packed.

At around 6:00 pm it was still pouring and we decided to go home. Usually our neighborhood has great fire works so I just figured that I would take a quick nap till around 9:00 and the put some chairs outside and enjoy the show! Ha! Who was I kidding I was just zonked out of it! I did not even see them on the TV shows that were airing. This is the first fourth of July that I did not see any fireworks at all! Oh well better luck next year!


Elle said...

Sounds like you had a nice time, in spite of the rain!

Mary Poppins said...

too bad for the rain..but I'm glad you guys could go for the title...I don't know what's up but I couldn't do it either a couple of days ago...