Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Luis!

Birthday Graphics

I want to say Happy Birthday to my son Luisito! I hope you have such a great time your grandmother and your cousins over there in Puerto Rico!

This is the first and I will say last year that he spends his birthday away from me... I miss him so much! Like Stephie would say "I miss my cub!"

He will have a GREAT time today as he is in Summer Camp and they have a field trip to a water park! My Mother in law will be going with him and has arranged for a cake and goodie bags for the kids at the camp to celebrate his Birthday.

Time is going by so fast! He is already 7!


redmaryjanes said...

Happy Birthday to your precious son!

kris said...

Oh my gosh. OH MY GOSH. I DO NOT KNOW HOW to THANK YOU. I came home to a beautiful, thoughtful, incredible wish and fabric for my Macey!! (Surely this means it WILL happen!!)- I am SO overwhelmed, I don't know what to say. I promise as soon as my life settles down and I have time to post I will be doing a huge thank you post to you.

How did you get my address?? Did you ask me for it and I'd totally forgotten? I was blown away. You'll just never know.

And, a BIG happy birthday to your boy! It must be hard with him away... :O(

Jeter's Mama said...

Happy B-day Luis!!
(that's my dad's name also, spelled Louis)

Yoly said...

Happy birthday Luis