Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy Anniversary To Us!

This post is dedicated to my husband Luis on our 5th Wedding Anniversary.

It has been almost 9 years since you came into my life and changed it forever. You are truly my soul mate. You took Joey in your heart as your very own and never have hesitated on being his father. Little Luis and Gian Michael think that you are the BEST DAD EVER and for that I am truly honored, that not only I have my Best Friend as my husband, my kids have the Best Daddy Ever

We have been through very hard times, and our love has prevailed. You have dried my tears when I am sad and you have also cried with me. You, yes you are my one and true love. We have the most amazing family and I feel so blessed that we are together.

I love you “Mi Gordo
Happy Anniversay!


Robin said...

Happy Anniversary. Here's to many more years of happiness!

nikki said...

Happy Be-lated Anniversary to you!

Thank you for stopping by my blog -I appreciate your prayers.

Krista said...

Happy Anniversary! Great pics!

Oh and happy belated birthday to your boy.

Jeter's Mama said...

Happy Anniversary you sexy bride!!!!
And I almost died over "mi gordo"

Jeter's Mama said...

oh yeah - you asked if I wanted a square, but I can't find your email link?

Headmeister said...

Hi Noemi!

I love that you participated in the Three Thanks yesterday! I wanted to stop by and say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! OMG, you looked GORGEOUS! And like Melissa, I laughed out loud at Mi Gordo,

Be well,
LID 12-29-06

Yoly said...

Happy Anniversary...and many more Happy Anniversaries to come.

Steffie B. said...

Woo-hoo....look at you sexy were a hot bride! lol

HJappy belated Anniversary! ;)

kris said...

I'm so late, but happy Anniversary to you both- thanks for sharing the beautiful photos!!