Monday, July 16, 2007

A true Yankee Fan could only know!

Wow let me tell you all that we had the most amazing time on Saturday!
My cousin Harry "Indio" was down here in the South in FL.

He is on a reality show called the Ultimate Road Trip . It is from Yes Network. In this show they are 6 people living in a house together. They are divided into two teams and compete to win tickets to Yankee games all around the country. I think the show is about 7 months long and at the end the player who wins goes to the most amount of games is declared the Ultimate Fan and Road Tripper. He is able to interact with the Yankee Players, and he really LOVES it. He is truly an Yankee Fan... At the end whoever wins get a Truck, and some other cool prizes.

So he called us up an told us that he would be in Tampa for a couple of Days... My Mom, my sis Janet and myself cooked up some Latin food for him and his teammates as well as the production Crew. They just loved it!

I really hopes he wins!!!! Here is a slide show of the pictures...


Jeter's Mama said...

WOW! Very Cool!!!!
Yankee fan?
That would be me...Mom to Jeter the Pug, and Bernie the cat ( after Bernie Williams)

Yoly said...

Cool I've heard about that show.

redmaryjanes said...

Cool, a celebrity in the family. I hope he wins!

Steffie B. said...

How fun is that?!?!?!? I want some Latin food...why wasn't I invited? lol