Monday, August 27, 2007

2lbs down 28 lbs to go!!!

Yipeee! I was amazed that I actually lost 2lbs in my first week of dieting and eating healthier!

I must say that I have not been able to do any power walking like I said I would on this post... Not to lack of desire LOl But the fact that it has been pouring down here in the Central Florida area almost ever afternoon.

I have done little things to help me with more exercise. I have gone to the mall 3 times this week and I have parked the farthest I could to walk down to the entrance of the store. Also I work in a two story building and I am always running around the office. I have taken the stairs every time I need to move from one floor to another!

I am satisfied with my activities and hope to loose at least 10lbs. for my upcoming birthday on October 13th~!

I am so confident that this time it will work! Just one step at a time!


kris said...

That is a fantastic start! Hope you can do your walking soon too- Florida summers always mean rain!

kris said...

ps. not sure if you ever saw the post, but I FINALLY got around to thanking you for the fabric and wish you sent for Macey!

redmaryjanes said...

Girlfriend...2 pounds equals 8 sticks of butter. That is fantastic!

Jeter's Mama said...

good job! I need to do whatever it is you're doing!!!!

Yoly said...

Yeah, way to go.