Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Catching up!

It has been a while since my last post! The two little boys had a birthday party that they went to on Saturday and had a GREAT time with a Giant waterslide.

I took Joey to some old friends house. He was going to go to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios then spend the night…

We also took all three boys to go see the movie Game Plan. Little Luis really liked it. Joey not so much! It is hard to find things for the whole family to do together when there are so many years between the boys! Joey is 15 and has other interests. When we go to the movies we only go and see movies that the highest rating is PG13.

Even though I really am careful with what I let Joey watch, he does sometimes see rated R movies. Like for instance I will let him see the new movie The Kingdom HOWEVER I would never let him see Super Bad! They are both rated R, but are totally different.

On a good note it is finally cooling down here in the Sunny state. Today the high will be 84 and at night it will go down to the 70’s….

The boys carved our Pumpkin on Monday! Tonight we will do the Haunted House gingerbread house. Will post some pictures soon.

I also finally started to work on some squares for some dear friend bloggers 100 wish quilt for there awaiting daughters in China. Most of them have been feeling really blue and down lately. With the wait increasing on there journey it really must be hard. I can not even imagine their pain. This has also had me thinking a lot on this post. Could I even dare to swim in that ocean where there is no telling when you will get to the other side of it?

We have started to receive information on different agencies. Some have included DVD’s with the info packets. And to tell you the truth I have not dared to see any. Why? I do not know….


kris said...

I am praying for you guys as you make this decision. Watch those DVDs... maybe it will help in some way. :O)

Yoly said...

I really admire you, you have a huge heart. I know that there is a little girl out there waiting to become part of your family.