Friday, October 5, 2007


Holy crap! I really made it to Top Momma! Above it my icon on there website!

I first heard about this site when Hedda was a top Momma... I had not even remembered that I had registered with it! Read Below this is what the site says

Want More Traffic to Your Blog?

See the pics above? Click on someone you like and we'll send you to her blog.

Pretty simple right?

You Decide…

Mommy bloggers are sorted by popularity, which is based on clicks and referrals. When a new mom enters the roster, the least popular one gets pushed off the site. Think of it as a “mommy time out”…With a bit of luck, and a really supportive bra, you just may end up as TOP MOMMA – which earns you bragging rights and a spot in the elusive “Hall of Fame.” Go ahead- give it a try. I double dog dare ya !

What will you find?

Damned if I know. You may find funny, serious, smart, truthful, scary, sassy, goofy, or all of the above. The only requirement is that you are a mom (or are working towards becoming one). The rest is up to you!

What’s in it for me?

A motherload of blog traffic! Your pic is a bright, shiny, advertisement for your blog. Use a picture that makes people want to find out more about your little corner of the blog-o-sphere. Remember, the more popular your picture is, the longer you get to contend to be a TOP MOMMA.