Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sleep is getting better!

With the new Bullet Trend!

  • I am only waking up two to three times at night so far. It is a big improvement since Sunday when hubby left.
  • Hubby has called me a gazillion times telling me how much he misses me and the boys.
  • Hubby was able to surprise his Mom and is having a great time!
  • He is too cute for words as he calls me every time he See's something he wants to buy...
  • He has even brought me new Christmas ornaments for my new theme this year! (Ginger Bread Man)
  • The other day he called me to ask me what was the grave number of my late BIL as he could not find it. I was so honored that he did this for me. He had gone and brought my BIL and my late grandmother flowers to take them to their grave site. He was able to find it and he said a prayer.
  • I can not thank him enough for doing this. He went the cementery were my grandmother is buried also, but it is closed for maintenance. He said he would go again at the end of the week to see if it is opened...
  • Gosh do I LOVE this MAN!
  • He also went to see my niece (my brothers daughter) and is going to pick her today to take her to Chuck E Cheese's.
  • I am so grateful he is doing this also!
  • I have finally used my Barnes & Noble GC that I got for my birthday and bought two books I really wanted The Pillars of the Earth and The Choice. (Can't wait to dive into them)

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