Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tooth is out!

We made our way to the Pediatric Oral Surgeon early on Halloween Morning.

I could tell how nervous little Luis was. We were called in to the back and the assistant asked us a few question. We explained how panicky and nervous he was. She was great hearing our concerns.

Dr. Mike made his entrance and introduced himself to all three of us and Luis just by looking at him was getting all teary eyed.

The doctor explained to him what he was going to do to him and he also let him see the face mask and let him touch and hold it.

I still could tell that the Luis was very weary of the whole situation.

The Dr. layed Luis on the chair and proceeded to put the mask on him. He was actually whispering in Luis's ear and talking to him in such a sweet way. Assuring him that it would not hurt him.

The laughing gas did not make Luis laugh at all. He was breathing rapidly and I could see him trembling. He injected Luis 5 times with the local anesthesia and then waited a couple of minutes.

Luis was getting very anxious! The doctor all of this time was talking to him so gently and making him feel so much better.

He finally was able to extract the tooth! Luis was surprised that it was all done with that quick. The tooth and root all together was about 1 inch long! Luis's words where "I did NOT DIE MOM" we all laughed!

We are so grateful for this doctor! He was just AWESOME with my boy. The good thing is that they also do routine cleaning and checkups. Needless to say that we already made an appointment for the two little ones next checkup and cleaning.

I will be posting the actual Halloween pictures soon….


Elle said...

OUCH! Glad it's over!!

Can't wait to see your pictures!

Yoly said...

I'm so glad is all over. Give him a kiss.