Sunday, January 27, 2008

His feelings were right.

Please read the below post to understand this one.....

Friday Hubby reported to work after being home sick for a couple of days. He was to meet the new owners of the company he works for and go with the flow.

He had a bad feeling about the sudden Company Merge. He was to report to work at 8:00 am. It was a very long day for him he did not get home till well past 11:00 pm.

Needless to say he was stressed. So many changes thrown to him at once. I tried to calm him down and told him that with new owners there were to be changes done and that he needed to take it one day at a time. As a Manager he needed to reassure his employees that all would be good.

Saturday he was to report at 8:00 am at the store. He has to commute one hour to get to work so he was out the door by 6:45 am.

I did not want to bother him and just text him and told him that I wanted to know how things where going to give me a call when he had a chance.

When he called I just new it was bad news! They wanted him to report to the Daytona store right then and there. They told him that because he was such a good manager that store was having problems and they needed him there. He told them that it was a 2 1/2 hour commute for him each way. They also proceeded to tell him that they would honor his salary for only one month and that it would be reduced to 1/2 per week. That he was over payed in his position as Manager of the store.

He wanted to ask my opinion on what he should do. I told him it was clear to me that this was not going to work.

He gave in the keys to his store and made his way home. He is bummed about it all. I on the other hand and completely calm.

We have made it through tougher times before. GOD will not fail me know and HE WILL provide.

Every thing happens for a reason.

While one door shuts a window opens....


Special K said...

Oh wow! Scary stuff. I'll keeep you in my thoughts and say a little prayer that he finds something even better.

krj said...

Wow, that is awful- I'm sorry this happened to him, but will certainly be praying for all of you. You are right, God will open another window, and see you through this.

Yoly said...

You are right, everything happens for a reason and something better will come out of this.

Trust God...

I'll pray for you guys.


Anonymous said...

Noemi and Luis:

I just went thru a similar situation in my present job...which is also retail....they have hired a bunch of people as managers; and not enough "regulars".

My suspicion is that as a manager they can "obligue" the employee to "overwork" and get away with it,....because managers are payed by "salary"...and not "by the hour" us "regulars".

You can ask Yoli...there were weeks that i only worked 4 miserable hours only...and i am the only bilingual employee of the store, plus my 3rd anniversary was last week.

Fortunately..I didn't had to quit...but i filed several applications for hiring over the internet..including my own company.."specifiying" that I wanted a transfer to a bigger store...I guess they got the message..

I hope Luis...can get over this situation , and find better and more profitable opportunitties!!!

Chao Chao:

Andros ]+[

Pug Mama said...

good grief!
2 1/2 hour commute and 1/2 the salary?!
That must have been their way of giving walking papers.
I am so, so very sorry about this, it is just terrible.
Your attitude is amazing. Keep it up.
Sending prayers for your family.

redmaryjanes said...

Oh honey, that is big, but I agree with you that God is in control and it's going to be ok. I will remember your family in my prayers. I have lost a job before and God in His perfect timing brought me to one that made me much happier.

Steffie B. said...

I will keep you in my have the right attitude....another door will open. God will provide!

Mary Poppins said...

God is the provider for all our needs!!! Trust in the Lord and the door that He will open no man can close...

Sandra said...

That's terrible. I admire your faith. Sending you prayers...

Rony said...

You are right about one thing. When one door closes another opens. You have one another and more importantly you have your faith. I'll be thinking about you. Warm thoughts.