Friday, January 25, 2008

Sexy Myspace Comments

I am looking forward to having a nice quiet weekend at home. Going to buy some grocery today, and just stay in all weekend.

Luis is still not 100% better, but he is getting there. He has an appointment next Friday.

He also got some shaky news yesterday. Apparently they sold the company for which he works and the new bosses are in town.... This was completely unexpected and he did not see it coming.

The Big Bosses are all gone. Hopefully they do not clean out the store managers too. Although he has the highest profit making store in the state you just never know.

I have learned to leave it all in GODS hand. He will not give me more burden than I can handle. Everything happens for a reason. We shall see.



Steffie B. said...

You have a good weekend too girl.. Hope you get some rest! Boy do I need that as well! ;)

scanmellllllll said...

Dear Noemi:

I've gotten to know you better now that im reading your "blogs"..and also from the posts on "Super J" blogs as well...

I find your blog very witty , interesting , fun , down to earth, and very honest....I LOVE IT!!!

Your son's haircut I really liked it..I did something similiar once in the late 80's..I had a blast!!

I hope we can all meet someday toguether..other than cyberworld!!

Hoping to make your aquiantance!!!

Andros ]+[

Noemi said...

Hi Andros,

Welcome to my blog, I have also read your posts in J's blog. Welcome to my little reality world!.

Ok I am not very computer savy but when I clicked on your name to go to your blog it takes me to a profile. Do you have a blog? Or is it that I just don't understand yours LOL....

Rony said...

Hey Sweetie,

Hoping you have a restful weekend with your loving family. Until next week. Peace. Rony

Yoly said...

Glad Big Luis is doing better. Take a rest you need it. Like you said, things happen for a reason.

I'm glad Andros is visiting your blog.

Hey!!! are you visiting PR this year? I think your told me in March.

Take care, lots of love.