Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I need a BREAK! I am physically and emotionally exhausted!

On Saturday we had a nice little get together at the Montecristo Club at the Amway Arena with some co-workers. The Magic’s played the Trail Blazers. We won! Woo hoo! Great seats needless to say and Good Times!

Fast forward to Tuesday at around 2:00am. Big Luis wakes me up that he can’t sleep. He is in excruciating pain. His was having a Diverticulitis attack. He decided to wait it out till the morning.

They admitted him into the ER and did the routine labs and tests to confirm that it indeed was a Diverticulitis attack. Before he was rolled in the CT Scan room I got a call from Little Luis school that he was not feeling well and was running a low grade fever.

I headed out to pick up little Luis and decided to pick Joey up from school too. He was so glad that I picked him up cause he was not feeling too good either. I dropped them off at my Mom’s house and headed to the hospital again.

When I walked into the room the first thing to catch my eye was my dh arm where his IV was. Popeye’s arms did not come close to how Big Luis had his arm. Apparently while injecting the iodine to perform the CT Scan his vein popped and the liquid was spread into his arm.

After a while the doctor came with the results and told him that he indeed had Diverticulitis and that he needed to be on two antibiotics and pain killers for some days. Some rest at home and he needs to go see a specialist ASAP.

We finally got out of the hospital around 4:30 pm and headed to my Mom’s to pick up the kids. She is such a sweetheart. She had cooked dinner for the boys and she made Big Luis some salad with some fish. While at the table Mom notice that Big Luis was looking pale and she asked him to go and sit in the family room.

He had a fainting spell and started to have shivers and sweat. It was really frightening for all of us. He finally got back to normal and was fine after that.

He is on Bed rest for the next three days and I was able to book him an appointment for next Friday with the GI Specialist.

The one good part was when I got home this was waiting for me at my doorstep. I just can’t wait to dive into it. It is the sequel to The Pillars of the Earth.

Hey Pug Mama, we need to make an online book club!


redmaryjanes said...

Wow honey, I will praying for you and your family. Your house has too much sickness going on. Hang in there. This is a bad year.

Yoly said...

I'll pray for all of you. Hope everything gets better soon.


Rony said...

Sweetie you should be tired! Luis did not sound well. I hope he is on the road to recovery. Hugs to you.