Thursday, June 5, 2008

Birthday Party at Pre-School

Mickey is done with Pre-School. I just can't believe it! How has the time gone by so fast. This is my baby and he is so excited to be going to Big Boy school like he calls it. Well his last day was on Wednesday so we decided to throw him an early b-day party at school for him and all of his friends. He was really happy!

His Birthday is tomorrow, but we will be having a little Wii Birthday Party on Sunday.

This morning Joey left for his 5 day Summer Camp with the ROTC. I really hope he gains a lot out of this and he brings some valuable lessons home.

I leave you with some pictures of Mickeys school Birthday party...Here he is with his cake

Here they are all dancing!
Pre-School Class 2008
Future Class 2022


Yoly said...

Yeaaaahhh, big boy's school.

Anonymous said...

Hi Noemi...I was wondering if you ever lived in NY? You look like a girl I grew up with...but she moved away when we went into Jr. High School.

Noemi said...


Yes I did grew up in NY and left when I was going into JR HS. Hmmmmmm I grew up in the Bronx. Where are you from? Whats your name?

Anonymous said... name is Denise but I lived on Long Island. Do you have any siblings?