Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Today is my babyBirthday! I just woke him up singing Happy Birthday softly into his ears in English and in Spanish and made him his favorite Chocolate Chip pancakes!

Big Luis had to work today, so we will be having a little birthday party with family tomorrow. This year we decided to let him pick out his gift, so tonight after hubby gets home it is off to Dinner, Toys R Us and then we are taking the boys to Old Town.

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Yoly said...

Happy Birhtday Mickey, many Blessings and lots of fun.

Go see my Blog I left you something.

Anonymous said...

Many Felicitations and greetings to , Those kids are huge now!!!!....Let me see If I can dig up any good John Cena themes and send them to you guys!!!

Congrats to all!!!!

Andros ]+[

Mary Poppins said...

God Bless!! Hope you had a great time in Old Town...

::sniff sniff:: that place is soo fun!!! any room for one more?

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Happy Birthday Mickey... hope it was a good one and you got spoilt rotten... sorry I haven't been around as much... I am trying to visit everyone today since I haven't had a chance... hope you didn't get much of a storm the other day... take care