Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What are you doing?

That is the first thing that I asked Mickey when he made a mad dash to the bathroom and was in there for a while in complete silence!

After the usual "nothing" to my answer I made my way to the bathroom to see this:

You see that white glob on his hair? You know what it is? Yup you are right if you chose GUM! Yup you heard me right GUM! I almost died when I saw the mess. I was already imagining his first day of Kindergarten with a huge bald spot in his hair! He starts school in one week peeps!

Oh and don't let that little sad face faze you! He was smiling the whole time. He even suggested that I check on the internet and find a person who takes gum out of hair (hmmm I think he has seen way too much on the internet LOL).

Hubby was making a bee line for the scissors! But I was determined to not go that route... I was like "Are you KIDDING ME!"

I was able to get it out THANK GOD! I called my mom and she told me to use some ice and some cooking oil. And ta da! It worked like a charm! I forgot to take an after picture (oops).

On another note, My boys will be home in one week! Can't wait!


scanmellllllll said...

Laughing my but off....

The gum looks like someone smashed it on his head like that....are you shre this wasn't a prank by a friend or neighbor??? I can't believe he did it on purpose..

Still...the pic..and the blog..deserves a PRIZE it's simply hilarious!!!

Andros ]+[

kris said...

Good tip from your mom, I'll have to remember that one!

Briana's Mom said...

Taking notes...ice and cooking oil. I totally know Briana will do this to me one day!

Yoly said...

Sorry, but I has to laugh. Thanks God you got it all out.


Mary Poppins said...

How do our parents know these type of things?? ice and cooking oil??? Where is this handbook?

Monica said...

That picture is absolutely HILARIOUS!!! You HAVE to save this one for him for the first time he brings home his girl-friend...then pull it out and share!!!