Thursday, October 2, 2008


OK, So some of you came around while I was trying to make some changes on my blog. I know you must be like what the heck! This is not what I saw! Well I am not too blogger savvy. I had been looking around for free templates and liked the one I had here previously.

Well fast forward to a busy schedule with kids and work, ad to that frequent headaches almost daily (most likely stressing about medical insurance), and life itself and I had completely abandoned the blog.

I even had second thoughts of even coming back to the blog world. I guess life is just getting to busy to be able to sit down and write a post. But after a couple of weeks I have come to realize that I missed having my little blog!

While I was surfing the net to get more accessories for the blog, I fell upon this little site and just loved the layouts. Add to that little Luis sitting next to me and saw that they had Halloween layouts and he asked me if I could use this one. So I went ahead and changed it again! LOL.

So now for some updates a la bullet!

  • My Medical Insurance from work went sky rocket for this new enrollment. (!1,184.00) a month!
  • This is not including dental! That is another $182.00 a month
  • Discovered that hubby's insurance was way cheaper with more benefits and better deductibles for a family of 5.
  • Luis will only pay $185.00 twice a month
  • The above price includes dental!
  • Waiting to get proof of coverage to be able to set up medical appointments for me
  • I have not seen a regular doctor in years
  • Joey is becoming such a young man it brings tears to my eyes to watch him grow so fast.
  • He now knows how to do a tie!
  • Joey was the talk of the crowd when he showed up to his homecoming dance with not one but two dates came and picked him up at home!
  • I was able to get some awesome seats for hubby and the boys to go here!
  • They have no idea they are going
  • Much less that they will be in the 7th row!
  • And that most of there favorite wrestlers will be there!
  • My sister is getting married!
  • I am so happy for her!
  • Stayed with my niece Jasmin the other night.
  • Never again! LOL
  • She was fine during the day but oh boy, All I can say is that she needs her mommy to sleep! I was able to calm her down but I must admit that is was hard.

Here I leave you with some pictures of Joey getting ready and with his dates on home coming!


Yoly said...

Nena, I missed you. Wow Joey is so handsome, two dates OMG!!!

Luis' insurance is a lot cheaper than the one our company offers.

Don't leave the blog, pleeeeeeeesae.

Anonymous said...

OMG two dates!!!
I cracked up at the picture of the two girls with him - what a playa!!!!!

insanemommy said...

Joey is a dream. Did you say your health insurance is 1800 A MONTH?!?! Holy effing shit. Yes, this country needs a health plan. That is disgusting. Holy moly.

Your blog is spectacular. I'm impresseed that you created this all by yourself. I wouldn't know where to begin.

Mary Poppins said...

Wow!!!! I go away and this is all that happens!!! the layout and all the happy news...weddings!! dates!

Colleen said...

I like the new digs!!

2 dates? ooohhh.... playa is right!

HOLY CRAP for those insurance fees. WTF?? Whre the heck do you work? Glad the hubbies worked out.

redmaryjanes said...

My word, isn't he handsome! And obviously has a way with the ladies as he has two dates!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Sorry it has been a while since catching up to you... oh my your boys are handsome... hehehe...
As for health insurance... oh... ours just jumped up too but we don't have to earn 1,000 hours a year but now (Part Time) we have to earn 1,500 hours... it is crazy huh...
Hugs to ya...

Special K said...

What a stud with 2 dates. Such a handsome boy. I can see why.

That health insurance is crazy. Even your husband's is a lot. It's ridiculous the cost of health care.

Love the new blog template.