Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Germs Free!

Wow I haven’t posted in almost 1 week. Well at last all the viruses that have been lingering in my house are GONE and believe me I do NOT want them in my house! I mean it any infectious germs are NOT welcomed.

Joey was feeling much better by Saturday morning. Little Luis and Mickey were invited to 2 birthday parties on Saturday and 1 on Sunday. Since Joey really was not thrilled about going with us I told him he could stay home. He is almost 15 and I need to start trusting him home alone.

Around the time I was to leave for the parties, Joey got a call from one of his friends Mom inviting him to go to Disney Quest. So he was able to enjoy that.

Sunday we went to another b-day party and the kids had a blast and Joey played with the boys and was a big help. He even had a King Makeover! Look how cute he looks. Here he is with his "girl" friend Carla (it was her little cousins birhtday). As any woman who likes to shop I was delighted that the Sunday birthday part was for 2 little sister that were turning 1 and 3. I shopped the cutest same matching outfits for them. I don’t get to shop for girls often, well lets just say not as much as I would like, because I do shop for my beautiful little niece Jasmin. (Her birthday is coming up in August, so I guess I need to start! LOL)

The boys played so much that when we got in the car after about 5 minutes, I turn around to ask them it they wanted to go to Chili’s for dinner and they were out cold! We went to our favorite Chinese Rest and ordered food to go. We LOVE Chinese food so it was good for us.

Today Mickey has an appointment with his eye doctor to see his progress since using glasses. I hope he has improved if not the doctor told us we would need to start patching his eye.
I will give you all an update tomorrow.

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